Last week I received an email from Heather, the founder of a recently launched DC non-profit organization called Petal Share. Petal Share’s mission is to share recycled flowers from weddings & events with people in DC nursing homes, hospice centers and hospitals.

Um how seriously awesome is this idea!?

One of the reasons I didn’t want flowers in my wedding was because of the waste-factor. I hated thinking all this money would be spent on beautiful, living flowers, for a total of one day and then they would just be thrown out. I nearly force every centerpiece and bouquet on other vendors at the end of weddings I am now working as well!! It just kills me to throw out beautiful flowers – so, sharing them with those in need in hospice, nursing homes, and hospitals!? UH GENIUS. And so, so awesome.

Petal Share: Donate Your Wedding Flowers to Those in Need

petal share donate wedding flowers

So far Petal Share has a special emphasis on Ward 8 facilities (specifically the Washington Nursing Facility) and has shared over 400 stems to people in need of a smile, but there are a handful of ways you could join in on the awesome even if you don’t live in Ward 8.

First, if you’d like to donate flowers from your upcoming wedding or event, please hop on over to Petal Share’s website and fill out a contact form!

petal share donate wedding flowers

Second, head on over to Petal Share’s Facebook page and see what items you could consider donating to help out! Petal Share operates through the generosity of donors. So we ALWAYS welcome gifts of floral foam, flower shears, aprons, gloves, floral tape/wire, small vases, gift tags and ribbon. Scraps are fine and no quantity is too small.

Third, Petal Share is currently searching for a facility they could use on Sunday afternoon/evenings to help sort & re-package the flowers. A space with a water source is needed, and one with a commercial refrigerator would be super appreciated!

Fourth, if you are an event designer or florist and want to partner with Petal Share – please contact them as well!

Fifth – Petal Share is in need of volunteers to pickup, deliver, transport, coordinate and re-arrange all the awesome flowers they get! Inquiries about volunteering can go to

petal share donate wedding flowers

Want more?? Heather did an interview with Stephen Bobb Photography and they have a TON more information on his website about Petal Share and how you can help!! Check it out here.

Hope you guys consider using Petal Share if you have live flowers for your wedding or next event! Happy Tuesday all :)


  1. Wow Bree, I wish I had known about this organizaton for my wedding! I will most definatley be sharing with all my soon-to-be bride friends.

    1. I KNOW!! I immediately thought of you Holly!! I took most of your flowers (including your bouquet hahha) and got the centerpieces to vendors, but thank you for sharing with your friends!! <3

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