I can’t even bring myself to calculate how many days (weeks? months!?) it’s been since my last blog post. My third trimester was WAY more trying than I remember my 3rd being with my first pregnancy, and I left an absolute CLUSTER at my day job when Conrad decided to show up 2 weeks earlier than his due date. After taking a much needed 3 weeks of true maternity leave off (and Andy was home on paternity leave too – yay! But he goes back to work today – boo) I am ready to attempt to get into a schedule of exercise, blogging & catching up on SO MANY items on my CapRo to-do list, while I get another 13+ amazing weeks of paid leave.

First, I am getting back to putting more time into the online store – new designs (sneak peak of the latest here), hopefully more wholesaling opportunities, and potential collaborations with other brands.

Second, I plan to get back on the advertising bandwagon, looking to fill out our vendor guide and get some private ads on our sidebar. Vendors – hit me up if you are interested, pricing is going to be VERY fair to start off!

Third, I need to get back into regular newsletters. It’s certainly something I am the weakest at, but I am going to try and get back to it.

Fourth (and really finally), I am going to finish up the edits on the Capitol Romance Wedding Planner 2.0. I met with Typecase months ago, and then just didn’t have the time to devote to the edits and new design … but that will change because we are completely out of stock AND I’d love to get these puppies in some local DC bookstores – more to come!

Alright, let’s do this. I already feel better after this first post – Happy Monday Romancers :)


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