I can’t believe it’s been over two months since I last blogged (I think I am legit rusty). The blog overhaul took way longer than expected (who is surprised?) but I am so very thrilled with where it ended up. The goals for CapRo3.0 were to:

  1. Better consolidate the different pieces of my business (blog, wedding coordination, online store) into a centralized place
  2. Update all the various brands/logos I have for these business arms to be more inline & consistent
  3. Give my overall advertising experience a much needed overhaul for an easier experience for my vendors
  4. Accentuate & highlight the things my business does & wants to focus on in 2018 (wedding coordination, ecommerce, & speaking engagements(!))

Overall I think we nailed it. Thanks to Stacy Kleber Design, the logos across all my businesses got fresh updates and a more consistent look and she CRUSHED IT with the wordpress template design. The updated site keeps my hot pink/original grunge/DC themed branding but gives the entire site a much more polished, professional, and CLEAN look.

I almost can’t believe this website is mine.

While I get used to getting back into a blogging cadence, and teaching myself how to use this new wordpress template (hah!), please let me know what you guys think of the site (or especially if anything is broken / looks weird!). I have a few more things up my sleeves that I hope to release soon, along with this new website, but for now, let’s just bask in the glory of a beautiful, clean look and super-fast speeds.

Be sure to check out:

As always, thank you for reading, sharing, and supporting Capitol Romance! I couldn’t do ANY of this without YOU.

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