On Friday we will have a beautiful Midsummer’s Night Dream inspired styled shoot to share with you that is full of tons of wood-inspired wedding details.

One of the stunning DIY details is this chandelier made from wood:

DIY wood chandelier tutorial outdoors pictures

How freakin’ beautiful is THAT?! I just knew I had to have the tutorial once Logan from Real Southern Accents told me she had DIYed the wood chandelier herself!

So, for today we have the beautiful step by step tutorial in case you want to take a stab at making this yourself (I really, really want to try!!). A special thanks to Fotos by Jeff for the images.

DIY Tutorial: How to Make an Outdoor Wood Chandelier with Mason Jars

Supplies needed:

  • Wooden Stump
  • 9 eye screws
  • 4 chains
  • 5 mason jars
  • Chain saw
  • Drill
  • 5 tea light candles
  • Utility wire
  • Skill jig saw

Step by step directions:

Step 1. Using the chain saw cut the wooden stump into about a 3 inch slab of wood.

Step 2. Take the drill and drill a hole about 3 inches into the slab of wood from the outer edge

Click inside for the rest of our DIY Wood Chandelier tutorial!

Step 3. Take the skill saw and place it into the hole you drilled and cut out the inner piece out of the slab of wood

Step 4. Decide which side of the wood you want to use as the top of the chandelier and which to use as the bottom end.

Step 5. Take 5 of the eye screws and screw them into the slab of wood however you want to hang the mason jars off of them

Step 6. Then on the opposite side of the slab of wood take the remaining 4 screws and place them evenly apart on the top part of the wood.

Step 7. Then hang the chains off of the 4 eye screws to and prepare to hang it off of a limb or beam of your choosing.

Step 8. Once you have the chandelier hanging take your mason jars and tie the utility wire round them…

DIY wood chandelier how to make tutorial

You can make the utility wire different lengths to give the chandelier a unique characteristic if you choose. Make sure you make a hoop at the top of the wire to hang the mason jars from the 5 eye screws.

Step 9. Place the tea light candles of your choosing in the mason jars

Step 10. Hang the mason jars on the 5 eye screws according

Thank you so much Real Southern Accents & Fotos by Jeff for sharing this awesome DIY tutorial! I can’t wait to share the rest of this styled shoot with you guys on Friday.

Also, as always, if you make this DIY project – we’d love to see it! So please send us your DIY wood chandelier!



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