*Update: This Giveaway is now CLOSED!*

A few weeks ago on election night, our dear neighbor Maryland was among some pretty fabulous states that voted for love & equality for ALL.

My friend Maggie (from Maggie Winters Photography) & I were so freakin’ excited for Maryland that we thought, hey, we should give away a 2-hour photography session for Maryland couples in celebration of this awesomeness.

And so we present you with this:

SO! We want Maryland couples that have some awesome ideas. We are talking elopements, intimate wedding ceremonies, courthouse weddings and whatever else you can throw at us. If you win, we will give you a 2-hour photography session, styled by me & shot by Maggie.

Entering is simple. Leave a comment here with your awesome idea, and we will pick the best! We can’t wait to read what you have for us :)

Offer valid for Maryland couples only in celebration of Maryland Marriage Equality. Photo session must be booked in February-March 2013. Travel included up to 30 miles outside Washington, DC.


  1. My fiancĂ© Tim and I are both Maryland residents. I would love to surprise him with a styled photography session. We are both very busy people and rarely take the time to “dress up” and look pretty for each other. The theme of our session would be LOVE and I am sure that the love and affection that we have for one another would show through. If a picture is worth a thousand words, our photographs would say “love” in a thousand different tongues.

  2. I would love to do a typography/letter themed shoot – big letters, environmental typography, books, a celebration of type. We already had our wedding, and I themed it around letters as well. It would be great to have some nice non-wedding photos to hang in our house and to use as Thank You’s for the guests.

  3. We are a happily engaged couple who would LOVE to win a photography session. (We LOVE pictures). They fill our home with happy memories.

    Our ideal photoshoot might be in downtown DC near all the important buildings & landmarks (i.e. Washington Monument, Capitol Building, White House, etc). History is being made throughout our country and we are a part of it! What better way to capture it than in DC?

    Although if we’re venturing to Maryland for a photoshoot, Brookside Gardens in Silver Spring is gorgeous and right in our neighborhood.

    We don’t need props: just 2 people in love who have made a commitment to each other “no matter what”. Fantastic scenery, and the couple in love sounds like a perfect photoshoot!

  4. My fiancee and I are happily and newly engaged. She proposed to me on the National Mall on New Year’s Day. We live in Maryland and would love a photo shoot on Johns Hopkins University Campus. The buildings and scenery on that campus are just stunning backdrops. She’s a serious academic (about to be a PhD student and teaches at CCBC) and I work at Hopkins. I think the idea to shoot at Hopkins is also significant for us because we just moved to Baltimore, Maryland in April 2012. It was our first major decision together and it has drawn us closer together. We love our life here and Hopkins is an iconic symbol of Baltimore — our newly adopted home.

    It would mean the world to us. I haven’t told her about entering this contest. We’re both so busy that this would be a wonderful surprise. We would be able to spend some time together doing something we wouldn’t normally do and celebrating our supremely blessed union at the same time.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Shaina Anderson (soon-to-be Destine)

  5. My wife and I were married in DC with just our parents present 2 years ago. Now that it has passed in maryland, we are excitedly planning our wedding in maryland for our family and friends to celebrate with us in our home state in Septemeber 2013. My wife works in politics, and we feel equality and legalizing marriage is so important that we’d like to try to express that in photos. Maybe pictures at city hall, and other monumental places that signify marriage, and laws changing, and how love is just love and we aren’t all that different from a heterosexual couple, in both our dresses, as well as pictures of her in a dress and me in a tux, pics with our dog with a shirt that says, “I’m the straight one” and (she will even have a custom bridesmaid dress at our maryland wedding), etc.

  6. My fiance Roger and I have been engaged since I proposed two Christmases ago. Initially we decided on a tentative date of October 2013 with the hopes that Maryland would vote for equality. Now that they’ve done it (yay!) we’re in super planing mode for fairly small and intimate ceremony.

    Roger and I met during our final year of college at two different schools. He graduated from the University of Maryland College Park and holds that school very close to his heart. We’ve even discussed having the ceremony at the chapel on campus.

    He, and I, would love a campus photo shoot on the grounds of the university that taught him so much, solidified his strong work ethic and really helped him become the man I love.

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