Today’s Washington, DC wedding feature is a quaint & intimate one. It started off with a simple courthouse wedding ceremony and ended on Capital Yachts for a boat reception! The bride, Alyona wore a modern, short one-shoulder dress, and details were kept simple. This is one of those features that really shows you how important the love & marriage part of a wedding day truly is.

A special thanks to Sandbubble Photography & Two Bright Lights for making this feature possible.

Alyona & Sid’s Maryland Courthouse Wedding & DC Capital Yachts Reception



Floral Designer: Wilhide’s
Reception Location:  Capitol Yacht Charters
Tuxedo and Mens Attire:  Men’s Warehouse

About the couple:

Alyona originally from Russia lived in Virginia Beach and Sid – the groom, originally from India, lived in Washington DC. They were introduced through mutual  friends. When Sid saw Alyona he said, ‘You have a divine smile’, and he meant it from the bottom of his heart. Then on, it’s been one heck of a joyful journey for these two love birds.


Why they decided to have a courthouse wedding ceremony:

The Wedding Venue was Ellicott City Circuit court. Sid and Alyona wanted a peaceful and quiet venue uncrowded venue and this place was perfect for it.

Click inside for the rest of Alyona & Sid’s courthouse wedding and Capital Yacht’s reception!

The darling proposal story:

Sid had planned a proposal for Alyona. She was completely oblivious! The night before, Sid made a trip to Kinkos/fedex to make a giant sign which said ‘Marry me’. So quite early on a Memorial day weekend when Sid and Alyona had made plans to go kayaking on the Potomac, Sid made an excuse that his Dad needed help with his broken computer and sneaked out to Fedex to pick up the sign. Sid got the sign but his friends who were supposed to hold up the sign for him backed out last minute due to some last minute change in plan.

Sid thought of various ideas like sticking the sign on the wall or somehow attaching it to a tree but it just wasn’t working out. Finally, when Sid was just about to drop the whole sign sticking business and go back he decided to ask a couple of folks who were fishing if they could hold up the sign for him. He felt pretty awkward asking stranger  to do this but it was one of the best favors he asked of someone in his lifetime! They accepted to do it without a blink of an eye. Amazing bunch of guys they were. Later during the day, Sid wished he had asked their names.

Sid went home, came back with Alyona and they rented a Canoe from the Kayak shop named ‘Jack’s Boathouse’. Sid rowed in the direction of where the fishing guys were holding the sign and Alyona was wondering why he was heading towards the bank. Sid asked her to turn around and rest for a bit. They sat face to face and Sid kept rowing the canoe until he got really close to the guys holding up the sign.

One of the guys yelled out ‘Excuse me Ma’am’ and pointed to the giant sign. Alyona’s reaction was one to die for! She looked surprised, happy and was almost in tears. When she looked back at Sid, he was on his knees holding a ring for her asking her hand in marriage!!!

The Venue of the reception was on one of Capital Yachts awesome Yachts called ‘Finished Business’. The couple had special connection with the Potomac and the proposal was also made on the river which made this a perfect venue!

Decorations were part by the Capital Yatchts crew and part by Alyona and her maid of honor. The colors were mainly white with splashes of reds, pinks and oranges in the form of flower petals.

Congratulations Alyona & Sid! Thank you for sharing your beautiful MD courthouse wedding and DC Capital Yacht reception with us! A special thanks again to Sandbubble Photography & Two Bright Lights for making this feature possible.



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