A couple weeks ago for DIY Wednesday, I shared some awesome DIY Photobooth Inspiration – many that linked to tutorials. For the Bachelorette Party that I planned this weekend, I decided to make my own budget-friendly photobooth backdrop, so that the girls could have some extra fun taking pictures with sweet props donated by a reader [more on the props to come!].

Today I thought I would share some pictures and details on how I made a super easy, and super cheap photobooth backdrop using cardboard, ribbon, and streamers. Oh, and lots of hot glue.

My Cheap & Easy DIY Photobooth Backdrop


  • Cardboard
  • Streamers
  • Ribbon [multiple colors, texture, widths]
  • Measuring Tape
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Hot Glue


1. Start by measuring the width of the space you intend to hang the photobooth backdrop on. This is how wide of a piece of cardboard you will need to cut. [I cut a piece of cardboard about 1-2 inches high by 4 feet wide]

2. Measure the height between where you intent to hang the photobooth backdrop, and the ground [so you know how long to cut the pieces of streamers and ribbon].

3. Start cutting LOTS of ribbon & streamers at a length, just a bit longer than the height you measured in Step 2. [There is not a lot of specifics here, because you can make your backdrop as lush or thin as you want … I used purple streamers, a thick royal purple ribbon, and a thin, sheer pink ribbon].

4. Once you have cut a good amount of strips, being hot glueing the strips to the back of the cardboard base. A glued each streamer with a slight over-lap and would then go back through and hot glue a few strands over pieces I already glued:

5. Continue until your backdrop reaches the fullness and color that you deem necessary. I Used mainly streamers and added a darker, thick purple ribbon every inch or so across the cardboard, and then threw in a few strands of a light pink ribbon:

[My photobooth backdrop … and my husband]

 6. I fastened the cardboard into the wall with nails [I tried 3M stickies first, but it didn’t hold].

7. To top the backdrop off, I made [ok, actually Andy made] some letters from cardboard that I then spray painted hot pink:

 8. I hung all the letters above it and VOILA! A cheap and easy DIY Photobooth Backdrop.

Here are a few shots of the girls & I having fun with our props in the photobooth this weekend!




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