A bit of a change in today’s #DIYWednesday post [don’t forget that we tweet all things DIY on Twitter on Wednesdays & we use that hashtag!] ~ instead of sharing my own DIY advice, inspiration, or tutorials, I am requesting some help from you, my readers!

I am planning a bachelorette party for my bestest friend this summer [July!] and of course I want to incorporate some DIY projects, mainly for decor and the favors!

If you have any ideas ~ please feel free to share them here or pin them at me, as I’ve started a Pinterest board as well!


Any tips, tricks, help, must-have games, and DIY inspiration ~ send it on over!


THANKS guys!



  1. Have a photobooth and make ridiculous props. If you have a webcam, there are programs that are free and make it a relatively easy process. You could do a DIY backdrop as well.

  2. Yes! A book with all of those pictures would be a great gift. I had one at my wedding and the pictures from it are some of my most cherished from that night.

    I just started selling photo booth props on etsy… I would be happy to send you some free ones if you would send me a picture of them “in use” for my listings. I don’t have them listed on etsy yet, but I just made some hipster mustaches on bright pink sticks.

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