My facebook followers got a sneak peak of the current DIY project I am working on for my Borrowed booth [yes I am having a booth AND speaking at Borrowed – have you gotten your tickets yet?!]. I figured it’d be a fun one to share this week for DIY Wednesday, from Oh So Lovely Vintage blog:

Oh So Lovely Vintage: DIY Felt Heart Garland Tutorial

It’s surprisingly simple to make – the hardest, well most time consuming, part is cutting out all the felt hearts! I bought 6, 8×10 sheets of felt in 3 different colors [heather grey, white, and fuchsia of course!] and got to work on cutting out hearts in 3 or 4 different sizes.

It helped that I have an amazing husband that sat on the couch with me to help cut them out :)


  • Felt [in an array of colors]
  • Scissors
  • Fishing line or some sort of thread
  • A needle


Step 1: Pick 2 or 3 complimentary colors of felt. We decided to go with coral, tangerine and white.
Step 2: Cut out between 50 – 100 hearts (depending on how big you want your garland to be.) They don’t all need to be absolutely identical, but try to keep them around the same size.
Step 3:  Cut about ten 50 inch long strands of invisible thread.
Step 4: Tie a double knot at the end of one of the pieces of thread.
Step 5: Thread your needle onto the opposite end of the string and sew the needle through the center of the heart (as shown in the photo on the right) until it hits the knot at the bottom of
the thread.
Step 6: Tie another double knot 2-4 inches above the heart you just sewed on.
Step 7: Then sew your next heart on. Feel free to mix and match color patterns. Continue this until your invisible thread is filled with about 10-15 hearts, then you are done one garland strand.
Step 8: Continue Steps 4-7 on the remaining 9 strands of invisible thread.

Once you have all 10 strands full, have fun hanging them in different places!

I’ll be sure to share a picture of how my strands came out at my Borrowed booth on Sunday, 1 April! But a heads up that this would also make a super amazing DIY altar or ceremony decoration!

**A special thanks again to Oh So Lovely Vintage blog ~ where I got this amazing DIY Heart Garland tutorial from!**


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