Learn how to make your own DIY Wedding Bouquet featured in our Rustic Bridal Inspiration Shoot!

As mentioned this morning [and on Facebook if you follow me there!] the bouquet featured in our Rustic Bridal Inspiration shoot was actually handmade by Abby Grace Photography! One of my guiding principles for starting & continuing Capitol Romance was to help couples in the Washington, DC area plan a more budget-friendly wedding, as I know this city tends to be on the expensive side of weddings.

DIYing your wedding flowers [or at least your bouquets!] would be a perfect way to save some money. Abby’s rustic bridal bouquet only cost $20 to make!

And not only is the cost low, but the directions are easy ~ especially with our step-by-step guide! Charm your wedding party & guests alike with DIYing your wedding bouquets! Take it away Abby …

~ flowers (I used white and purple statice flowers, but anything that
looks like a wildflower will work)
~ some sort of green filler (I used eucalyptus – I liked the subdued color)
~ floral wire
~ floral tape
~ burlap
~ ribbon (I used cotton twill ribbon from Paper Source)
~ wire cutters

Step 1:
Group the flowers in way that evenly distributes the whites and purples with eucalyptus seed stems placed sparingly throughout. I tried to keep the flowers somewhat even across the top, but because I was going for a hand-picked look, it’s fine if there were a little uneven.

Step 2:
Grip the stems and begin to wrap the floral wire firmly around the stems of the flowers, starting an inch below the flower buds and continuing down about 6 inches, or as long as you want the handle to be. Make sure to wrap the wire tight enough that it keeps the stems wound together, but not so tight that it cuts into the stems or causes them to bulge.

Step 3:
I’m not sure if this is how the “pros” do it, but I didn’t want the wire sticking out so I wrapped floral tape around the top and bottom of the handle where the wire began and ended.

Step 4:
Cut a piece of burlap 5″ tall and 6″ wide, wrap it around the handle, and finish with a piece of ribbon/twine- I used cotton twill ribbon from Paper Source!

Et voila! You’re done! The entire project was less than $20- perfect for a handmade bride or someone looking for an inexpensive but pretty bouquet for a bridal shoot or centerpiece.

Easy Peasy! Thanks again to Abby Grace Photography for sharing this lovely DIY wedding tutorial with us! Let us know if you use our tutorial to DIY your wedding bouquet. We would love to share how yours came out!



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