A few weeks back, a wedding photographer [Sarah Goodwin Photography] emailed me with some submissions.  One of them is the one I am about to share for today’s DIY Wednesday post and next week you will get some wedding goodness from her!

Today’s DIY Wednesday will feature one of the simplest [and cheapest!] of decor items, doilies! These lovely little paper friends make for great additions to wine bottles, mason jars, and more. They might evoke a certain summer appeal [especially with those yummy peaches all around] but that might not be such a bad thing with this winter weather we are suddenly getting in DC! Brr!

Plus, I am pretty sure the teal-blue, pale pink, and white color scheme might be one of my new favorites for a spring wedding. Am I right?











  1. What pretty centerpieces. So simple, yet effective! I wonder where they got the glass jars?

    I also love how they used the doilies! I saw a picture of how to create a rose petal cone out of them on K.i.s.s wedding Ideas

    VERY cool!!!

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