Just one more of those “Best of 2011” posts … I promise :) I wanted to share a few things that happened over this past year, that weren’t related to the features. I have met so many amazing people, vendors, and couples through starting this wedding blog, and it really has turned into something infinitely more than I ever imagined it would.

So, please bear with me just one last time, as I countdown [yes, this one is actually in particular order] the Top 5 Moments of my 2011 as a Washington, DC wedding blogger!

#5. Starting Capitol Romance

It turns out, this blog isn’t even a year old yet – so naturally one of the best moments of 2011 was when I decided to stop thinking about starting a wedding blog to help offbeat DC couples planning a wedding … and actually started it. Thanks to my bestest friend Steve, I started Capitol Romance, “A Creative Cure to DC’s Wedding Bore” with my first post on January 21, 2011.  I had NO idea what I was getting myself into, but, I couldn’t be more thrilled with where this grand experiment has taken me. One of these amazing things that Capitol Romance has given me is actually #4!

[my very first logo/header attempt! it already seems ages old]

#4. Meeting DC Vendors & Becoming Friends

When I started, the only wedding vendors in the Washington, DC area that I really knew, where the ones from my own wedding. Thanks to many of those amazing vendors, and the power of Google, I came to meet some seriously awesome wedding vendors in the area. Little did I know that some of these vendors would grow into more than a quick email relationship. Abby of Abby Grace Photography & Wendy of Weswen Design have become so much more than vendors to me. They are an incredible inspiration, support system, and even more, now a friend to me. Totally one of the top 5 moments of my year as a blogger was meeting and working with both of them on MANY, many posts, features, & projects.

#3. Attending My First Wedding Show ~ The Nonconforming Bridal Fair

I was shocked when I received an email from Tammy of Pink Dot Concepts, inviting me to attend the Nonconforming Bridal Fair in Washington, DC. The wedding show was exactly what I was looking to do with my blog and it was in DC! I was also shocked that someone had even found little old me and my blog, and I was absolutely honored to be invited to the show. Oh, I was also super nervous too. What the heck was I going to bring and talk about?! I eventually decided to showcase my own offbeat Washington, DC wedding & DIY projects that I had made for the wedding – and it was a success! I met a ton of local couples looking to plan an offbeat wedding & gained some new readers in the process. I was also thrilled to have the experience and opportunity to network with other wedding vendors that were looking to be a part of the offbeat world! It was an amazing day for sure.

#2. My First Styled Shoot … and having it featured on Green Wedding Shoes!!

Remember those fantabulous ladies from #4 ?? Yeah, well thanks to them and a ton of other insanely awesome wedding vendors, I was able to help design my first styled wedding shoot. I won’t go into too much more detail here on the shoot … mainly because I already re-capped it, probably ad naseum, here. So check that out if you haven’t seen it yet. Otherwise, just know that this was certainly one of the absolute best moments of my year as a blogger, and probably my life too :) [is that sad?]

#1. Drum roll please …. Starting to re-brand & re-design my blog!

That’s right … Capitol Romance will soon be getting a facelift!! No details yet, because things are still being worked out – but sometime soon in the beginning of this year we will be updating our logo and the header/design of the blog! Thanks to the amazing Traci Brooks, there are some big things in store that I just cannot wait to share with everyone!

Like I said this morning, I just have this feeling that it is going to be a great 2012.





  1. That is absolutely NOT sad! It was definitely one of the coolest moments in my life too! I’m so glad you started Capitol Romance and I can’t tell you how I love you, girl! So glad we’re friends/co-conspirators/fellow HP lovers :)

  2. Awww Bree!!!! You are such a great friend, and I am SO glad that Capitol Romance brought us together. Thank you for all your support, inspiration and downright awesomeness, not only in our friendship but also in your amazing blog. I’m so proud of your blog and am looking forward to seeing it continue to flourish and grow in 2012!

  3. This is awesome Bree…because you’re awesome. Not only is it evident that you love what you do, but you do well because you’re a GREAT person. Looking forward to your participation in The Nonconforming Bridal Fair 2012!!!

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