For today’s DIY Wednesday feature I wanted to share another new DIY wedding & decoration idea from around the interwebs & blogsophers …. kind of like how yarn is the new ribbonpaint chips seem to be the new hotness for some fun wedding projects & decoration ideas.

Check out some of these fun, easy DIY projects using paint chips or paint swatches from around the web!

DIY Paint Chip Chandelier!

[via Hey Gorgeous blog ~ tutorial on her site here !]

DIY Gift Boxes from Paint Chips

[via How About Orange blog ~ tutorial on their site here]

DIY Paint Chip Garland

[via Grace & Light studio blog with full tutorial]

DIY Paint Chip Wedding Program Fans

[via My Hands Made It blog]

DIY Paint Chip Wreath

[via Fave Crafts blog ~ with tutorial]

DIY Paint Chip Wallets (seriously ….)

[via A Typical Type A]

and finally .. DIY Paint Chip Flowers ~ can someone PLEASE make a DIY Paint Chip Bouquet that I can share here?!

[via My Green Scene blog]



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