Posting is a bit off our regular schedule this week with the holiday, but it’s ok  because we have an awesome Washington, DC wedding vendor spotlight to share with you this morning:

I stumbled upon Sarah & her amazing Washington, DC design company a few weeks ago when I noticed that her blog was directing traffic to my blog. I was THRILLED to find out that she had found US and was recommending our wedding blog to Washington, DC area couples (thanks again Sarah). I was also insanely pumped to return the favor and share not only some totally rad examples of her work, but a little vendor spotlight convo with Sarah as well!

First, some recent work:

Love the colors, the design, the key motif, & the extra verbiage on this awesome, modern wedding invitation example

Love the orange & grey and the mix of fonts

This one just MIGHT be my fav … the steam-punk, carnival type feel of the invitation & design just speaks to me

Q. How did Hitchcock Creative get started?

I started the company in 2008 working primarily with arts organizations on printed materials.  I had worked in the special events off at a larger arts organization in town, so I primarily worked on event pieces (invitations, save-the-dates, menu cards, escort cards, etc.).  I started my wedding line “Hitchcock Ink” in February 2011 after two close friends asked me to work on a wedding invitation for them.  I still work with my non-profit and theater clients, but I really love helping couples set the tone of their wedding with a great invitation!

Click inside to read the rest of this interview with Sarah from Hitchcock Creative & see more of her SERIOUSLY awesome wedding invitations and design!!

Q. Describe your ideal client

I love a client who has a strong option or idea of what they want for an invitation.  Wedding invitations should be about the couple’s personality, which is why every invitation I do is a little bit different.  I’m constantly changing fonts, colors, paper, envelope choices, size, etc. to fit with what the couple envisions.  Having clients who feel passionately about one direction or another are always great to work with. That side, I also have a great time helping a couple figure out exactly what they want.


Q. What song/artist really gets you in the mood to creative your designs?

This will be the most boring answer ever, but…none.  Yep.  I’m that person who works in total silence most of the time.  Although, if I am feeling the need for some energy, I’ll turn on The Shins.  And since I work from home, I can totally sing as loud as I want.  :)

 YES! I totally wanted to have the “concert ticket” wedding invitation design for my own ~ i love the way they look, especially if you are a big music fan! I’ll only forgive Sarah for her comment on working in silence because she can still come up with this design below. seriously awesome.

Q. What do you use for inspiration?

I am addicted to wedding blogs (like Capitol Romance!).  I love looking at different fashion styles and decor and keeping up with trends, but also not doing the same old boring thing.  Color drives me a lot as well though.  You can totally change the feel of an invitation just by changing the color.

^You’re too kind Sarah :)

Q. Any advice for couples looking to hire a designer (or maybe think they don’t need one?) for their wedding design goods?

I firmly believe that working with wedding vendors should not be a stressful project.  Find someone who is flexible and will work with you – not corner you into a design you don’t really want. I’ve made wedding invitations in every color combination possible and I’d be lying if I said some of them weren’t my cup of tea, but it’s not about me, it’s about the couple.  If it works for them, it works for me.

 Want more? Well lucky for you Sarah & Hitchcock Creative are on facebook, twitter, AND pinterest – so if you are looking for some awesome designs, a totally rad Washington DC designer, or someone to create custom, creative wedding invitations (or an invitation suite) for your wedding ~ be sure to check her out!

Thank you Sarah for sharing your work with us today!! :)


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