Another adorable engagement session this morning from Washington, DC wedding photographer, Cory Brodzinski. Cory shot the lovely Emily & Brandon at a firehouse in Bowie, Maryland because Brandon is a PG Country Firefighter!

A bit about the adorable couple from Cory:

She’s a schoolteacher. He’s a PG County Firefighter. They met and were instantly attracted to eachother.

They’re a great young couple and really seem like they’re meant for each other. This may sound odd, but to me there’s just something so real and pure to what they both do for a living-  their REAL jobs, that REALLY matter. It’s honest, hard work. There’s just something about that, that gets to me. I really like that about them. And then when you see them interact, you KNOW, no questions asked, they’re truly in love. And that’s a wonderful thing to see

Their wedding will be on Nov 11th and I am really excited for it!


Love when couples incorporate something important in their lives into the engagement shoot!

I’m a sucker for black flats

Click inside to see more of this adorable Firehouse shoot in Bowie, MD

Haha this shot of Emily in the firetruck is so cute!

Cory, Brandon, & Emily then hopped on over to a nearby park for the rest of their engagement shoot!

Congratulations Emily & Brandon! So excited for your November wedding ~ It will be here before you know it! Thank you to Cory B Photo for sharing this adorable firehouse engagement session with us!



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