So remember when I went out to Leesburg, VA a few weekends ago to not only witness the beaautiful nuptials of Corrie & Tim, but live-tweet their wedding too!? Well, in case you didn’t catch the live-tweet, fret not, today’s real Virginia wedding feature is going to be chocked full of tidbits from our live-tweet, along with a TON of Corrie’s personal details and stories from the day. All this, masterfully captured by one of my favorite, Washington DC area wedding photographers, Luke Eshleman.

[yes, Corrie is a bride in chucks & yes i am losing my shiz over it]

Corrie & Tim’s fabulous Leesburg, VA wedding at the Thomas Birkby House, was truly unique and 100% them. From the music selections (Mumford & Sons, Dropkick Murphys, Say Anything (!!!!!)), to the Shakespearean theme (“Much Ado About Nothing“), and the social-media elements woven throughout the day, Corrie & Tim put their hearts, soul, and personality into their wedding, and it’s plain as day to see. They also happen to be two of the NICEST people I have ever met, so I cannot wait to share their beautiful home-grown Virginia wedding with you.

*Warning*: between the details from Corrie, some of my own Tweets & Twitpics from the day, and all the gorgeous pics from Luke, it was just impossible to scale this down, so I had to make it a two-parter. However, I don’t think you will mind in the least...

Corrie explains how her and Tim ended up at the Thomas Birkby House in Leesburg, VA for their wedding venue:

  When I started planning the wedding, I initially wanted a rural barn wedding in the fall with DIY touches and a casual feel, but that was nixed by logistical concerns: like bathrooms, travel distance, hotel accommodations, degree of difficulty for the elderly, etc. I started looking at venues and eventually looked at what must have been every location ever that had a semblance of outdoor space. January of this year rolled around and venues were starting to be booked up for the fall. Eventually I gave in to some parental pressure and went with the Birkby House over a phone call and agreed to the only open date – July 23rd – in an effort to get the whole stressful thing over and done with.

My shot of the Thomas Birkby House

CapitolRomance 23 July, 4:07pm: Walkin’ down Loudoun Street in Historic Leesburg!

Corrie’s beautiful dress from Moni’s Bridal Boutique 

This shot inside the old house of Tim getting ready is SO cool. I love the angle.

I just couldnt get behind the idea of spending $1000 on flowers that would wilt and die, so I had my bridesmaids carry white parasols instead of bouquets (useful in the July heat) and my mom ran over to Wegman‘s the morning of the wedding and picked up a pre-made natural looking flower bundle and wrapped it with ribbon for my bouquet (I wanted something to toss!).

A seriously sensible bride – I love it. Happy to find someone that felt like I did about flowers!

Click inside for the rest of this amazing, real Leesburg, VA wedding at the Thomas Birkby House!

Once I had a date and a venue I proceeded to go about choosing all of the other elements for a wedding. I was immediately overwhelmed with all of the different options and looks and things I could do. I have very eclectic taste but wanted to do something simple and inexpensive. I needed a single point of inspiration to base my ideas around and hold the whole experience together.

My venue, the Thomas Birkby House, is a historical home in old town Leesburg, VA with a strong colonial feel to it. Colonial things make me think of England which always brings me to Shakespeare and the theatre. I have a strong background in theatre and loved the idea of bringing in theatrical elements to the wedding. Weddings are also a huge fuss over a simple formal ceremony. So my “theme” for the wedding became my favorite Shakespearean play “Much Ado About Nothing”.

CapitolRomance 4:19pm 23 July, Inside the house. And the string quartet has started! #CorrieWeds
CapitolRomance 4:20pm 23 July, There they are. Gotta love that stand-up bass! #CorrieWeds

CapitolRomance 4:23pm 23 July, Guests signing the guestbook. #CorrieWeds

I love Kenneth Branagh’s film adaptation and so began to pull from it’s color palette and style. White and tan became my “colors” and I incorporated simple elements like ribbon streamers, parasols, and sandalwood fans into the decor. I styled the program after a playbill and included quotes from the play on the back of it.

 Corrie’s Playbill themed Wedding Programs

Which, to my utter surprise, included me in it!!

CapitolRomance 4:49pm, 23 July: I made the program !!! :) #CorrieWeds

Luke caught me live tweeting!! (CapitolRomance 4:37pm, 23 July Hey! @lukeesh just caught me in action. #CorrieWeds)

So, I returned the favor…with my crappy Blackberry phone camera…

CapitolRomance 4:39pm, 23 July And payback. Wedding photogs in action. #CorrieWeds

CapitolRomance Bridesmaids in khaki with different color sashes. Love it. #CorrieWeds
CapitolRomance I’m fairly certain mumford and sons is the processional song too. Lovvvvve. #CorrieWeds
CapitolRomance And there she is!!! @corrietweets. Looking beauuuutiful! #CorrieWeds

I was right, their wedding processional song was Mumford & Sons …

From Corrie:

Even the song I came down the aisle to – “Sigh No More” by Mumford & Sons – is pulled from a poem in the play.


CapitolRomance 4:45pm 23 July: Annnnd I think @Timstobrazil has some tearrrrrs flowing! #CorrieWeds

CapitolRomance 4:46pm 23 July I lovvvvve weddings! Even when you don’t know a soul. Its still insanely romantic and emotional. #CorrieWeds


CapitolRomance 5:00pm 23 July: The ring exchange! I have goosebumps, even in 115 degrees. #CorrieWeds

CapitolRomance 5:00pm 23 July, omg their smiles are SO BIG right now! #CorrieWeds
CapitolRomance 5:01pm 23 July, It’s official!!! @corrietweets and @Timstobrazil are officially husband and wife! #CorrieWeds
CapitolRomance 5:02pm 23 July, Common! Kiss her! #CorrieWeds
CapitolRomance 5:03pm 23 July, There it is! And I’m smilingin!

Corrie’s awesome & natural (& budget-friendly) Wegman‘s bridal bouquet in action!

CapitolRomance 5:03pm 23 July, Husband and wife! #CorrieWeds
CapitolRomance 5:04pm 23 July,And they literally just RAN down the aisle! Love it! #CorrieWeds
CapitolRomance 5:05pm 23 July, Annnnd recessional is dropkick murphys I believe. Rocking out, wedding style. #CorrieWeds

(PS – I was right! Their recessional song was the ever-awesome, Dropkick Murphy’s cover of Amazing Grace)


Wooo! You did it!

And then I just HAD to sneak upstairs to say hi to Corrie & Tim!

Love these two :) You guys rock.

Be sure to come back tomorrow morning for more pictures, details, twitpics & tweets in Part-2 of Corrie & Tim’s beautiful Leesburg, VA wedding by Luke Eshleman Photography!


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