On Tuesday I will be sharing Corrie & Tim’s amazing Leesburg, Virginia Wedding at the Thomas Birkby House (you might remember this one as the wedding that I live-tweeted!), so I thought for today’s modern wedding song suggestion, I would use one from Corrie & Tim’s awesome wedding. And just wait for Tuesday with their whole feature from the ah-mazing Luke Eshleman Photography!

“Sigh No More” by Mumford & Sons

Love that will not betray you,
dismay or enslave you,
It will set you free

[lyrics via LyricsMania]

This song is a BEAUTIFUL modern song for your wedding ~ Corrie & Tim used this song for their ceremony processional (as the wedding party walked down the aisle) and it was just beautiful, gave me goosebumps (even in the 100+ degree heat). It starts slow, but has an amazing build to it … just see for yourself …




  1. I can’t seem to access the video and would love to see how it turned out. Is there another link you could direct me in? Thinking of using this song for my own wedding but my fiance isn’t sold. Thanks!

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