A couple weeks ago my husband and I participated in a shoot with the ever-so-talented Gabe Aceves Photography. For the shoot, his equally talented girlfriend, Sarah, DIYed a ton of the decor and ‘props’, including the lovely DIY flower hair clip you see here:

Thanks to Sarah (who, BT Dubs, runs an ah-mazing food blog called the Chubbette ~ you must check it out. Though I warn you that it will make you constantly salivate) we have the tutorial to make this awesome DIY wedding accessory!

This flower hair clip ~ I can attest ~ would look adorable on your bridesmaids, your own bridal ‘do, or even for just everyday wear! I’ve already worn it a few times outside the shoot and gotten rad compliments on it!

thanks again to Sarah Jameson & Gabe Aceves for this tutorial!

DIY Flower Hair Clip Tutorial

You will need:

  • Fabric of your choosing (2 feet minimum)
  • Needle and thread
  • Small, medium, and large circular objects for tracing.  Each size should have about ¼ inch difference (I used coasters and mugs)
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Hair clip


  • Trace 9 circles onto the fabric with the largest circle, 1 circle with the medium circle and 1 circle with the small circle.
  • Cut out each circle.
  • Take a large circle and lay it on a flat surface.
  • Take a second large circle and fold it into quarters.  Place the quartered circle on top of the flat circle.
  • With your needle and thread, sew the tip of the fabric onto the flat circle, sewing through all the layers.

  • Take 3 more large circles and fold them into quarters, and sew them in the same manner, covering the entire surface of the original circle. Make sure that the opening to each circle is facing the same direction as the others.

Click inside for the rest of this tutorial!

  • Once all 4 quarters are sewed, go around again, sewing between the quarters to connect them.
  • Fold a 5th large circle into quarters.  Place on top of a quarter from the first layer, and angle 90 degrees, so that it is between 2 quarters from the bottom layer.  Be sure that the opening to the circle is facing the same direction as the bottom layer.  Sew the quarter onto the bottom layer.
  • Repeat with the remaining 3 quarters.  Then sew between all the quarters as you did with the first layer.

  • Take the medium circle and fold it in half, then roll into a cone shape

  • Place the cone on the top layer of the quarters and sew in place on the center of the flower.  It should be standing on its own when you are done.
  • Flip the flower over and either sew or glue the smallest circle onto the back to cover up your stitches.
  • Then glue a hair clip onto the back over the small circle.

  • Flip the flower over and fluff! You’re done!

thank you again to Sarah & Gabe for sharing this DIY tutorial with us!



  1. Thanks for the feature, Bree! That clip looked darn good if I do say so myself :) And I enjoy that you can see my classy Pirates of Anchorage t-shirt in the background of the first picture :)

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