Wedding Programs are a pain in the butt.

They’re one of those things at a wedding, where it’s great to have them because you get to write some heartfelt thank yous and point out all the special members of your family and wedding party. But. They can also be difficult to write, expensive to print, and completely non-eco friendly with all the paper that is wasted in printing them.

I was on the fence about programs for my own wedding, mainly leaning towards not doing them at all. I had seen some other AWESOME unconventional ideas online, but bottom line was that it was a few weeks before the wedding and I just didn’t have the time or the energy to be too creative.  We ended up making two programs, blowing them up to poster size (thanks Vistaprint!) and hanging them on the church doors so guests could read them as they entered the church.

At some point I had a crazy idea though – that I hope someone out there might be interested in using. PowerPoint. I have seen plenty of couples take ‘nerd chic’ to the next level for their weddings, but a PowerPoint presentation (via a projector onto a wall at the ceremony) has got to be one of the easiest, cheapest, most eco-friendly, and AWESOMELY NERDY wedding program alternatives that I have ever seen.

I am currently attempting to convince my friends (that aren’t even engaged yet!) to use this idea … but I just know there has to be someone as rad (crazy?) as me to think this is a good idea.


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