Bishop Allen is the band that I have to thank (blame?) for my foray into the world of indie rock music. Before I got into “indie” music, I always instantly dismissed the genre before I had even really listened to any of the songs.  Then I saw “Nick & Nora’s Infinite Playlist” and at one point in the movie the teenage lovers stop in at a bar in NYC where Bishop Allen was playing.  The scene ended and I looked at Andy and was like, “umm that song was kind of awesome”.  We went home, checked out Bishop Allen on iTunes, and was instantly hooked.

While I enjoy all their songs and albums, one song “Butterfly Nets” I think would make for adorable ‘walk down the aisle’ music.  I know I have seen many weddings use butterflies as a theme and this song would  blend perfectly with that! As always, let us know if you plan to use this song for any part of your wedding!

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  1. I love that song. I wish I knew about this song for my friend’s wedding (it was in August). It would have fit her so well. She would have loved it.

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