Today I have some exciting news for anyone looking for help with their DIY wedding invitations. Wendy from Weswen Design has so graciously agreed to do a series of guest posts on my DIY Wednesdays to help couples that are curious or committed to DIYing their wedding invitations!

Wendy is one cool lady. I was informally introduced to her through the lovely Julie of Julie Napear Photography and we instantly hit it off. I fell in love with her amazing website (you could say we share a love of similar colors) and she enjoyed my ‘extreme need to use my hands when I talk’.  We then both became equally smitten over our shared adoration of Harry Potter.

To make things even more fantastic, Wendy is an insaaaaanely talented graphic designer.  Her tips, tricks, and insights into DIY Wedding Invitations will make for some fabulous blog posts that will prove to help ANY couple looking to take the plunge into one of the biggest wedding DIY projects.



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