Mandy & Spencer’s Offbeat Dupont Circle Farmer’s Market Engagement in DC

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  • June 21, 2011

Now THAT’s what I am talking about DC!!!!

Today’s Real Capitol Romance engagement feature is the EXACT kind of alternative, individualisticness (yes I made that word up), that I search for everyday in this sometimes too up-tight and one-note city.

Meet Mandy & Spencer.

Two kids, in love, and loving life and doing it THEIR way, on their terms … with tattoos and curse words and warts and all.

Thanks to James Reyes Photography, I get to share one of my most favorite DC engagement shoots to date ~ at the Dupont Circle Farmer’s Market!


Mandy recounts the hilarious & super awesome story behind how her and Spencer met & got engaged!

Spencer is a reporter and, in November 2007, was working at Talking Points Memo. I work in the press shop at the ACLU legislative office. I already knew who he was and was a fan of his writing. I also knew he was a fan of the Clash – my favorite band as well. He called for a comment on wiretapping legislation and I totally used the opportunity to talk about our mutual musical interests. He asked me what my favorite Clash song was and I told him “Death or Glory.” He told me it was his favorite, too, and he had a tattoo to prove it. Swoon. We didn’t talk for months after that but basically I found him on Facebook as soon as I joined in April 2008 and he asked me out pretty quickly, thank god. The rest, as they say, is history.


And now one of the best proposal stories. Ever. I literally almost spit my coffee out from the amazingness of Mandy’s response to Spencer’s popping of the question:

Last year for my birthday (November 1), Spencer got us reservations at Nora. I thought he might be up to something but by the time we were a bottle of wine in, I’d totally forgotten. After we ordered dessert, he began saying some very lovely things which culminated with him getting up and kneeling next to me at the table. Honestly, the first words out my mouth were, “What the f*ck?!” “Yes” came a few seconds later.

Read more for the rest of this adorable engagement shoot & a small tidbit about their upcoming wedding next Month!!!!

Love this shot ~ you cannot beat natural smiles & laughter like that.


Loving the sprays of water from the found in the background of this one. So cool!

I asked Mandy about her upcoming wedding plans/details and her reply was short, but perfect:

We’re getting married on July 30 at the Arts Club of Washington. And I can’t wait.

Neither can I :)

Annnnd this one is my absolute favorite shot. Ever.

Congratulations to Mandy & Spencer ~ cannot wait to see your wedding pictures! Thank you again to James Reyes Photography for sharing these images!


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