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Ooof! What a weekend. I was feeling great on Friday after a great meeting with Charlie’s speech therapist, and a positive visit with my doctor. And then Saturday, things took a turn when we noticed that our side mirror had been knocked off AGAIN (we just replaced it last month) just days after noticing our bumper was falling off. The fact that these 2 incidents happened so close together is a bit unsettling, especially after Justin made the suggestion that maybe we’re being targeted for some reason. I’m hoping the building across from where we’re parked has some video footage of what happened, just so we know. But not knowing the circumstances has been weighing on me.

On a lighter note, we’re gearing up for our 2nd doses of vaccines next week, as well as a visit from my parents, who we haven’t seen since February 2020. I’m excited that they’ll both be able to visit and see Charlie. He was so so small that last time they hung out with him. So let’s get the week started with this lovely waterfront engagement session!

We met during the beginning of our freshman year at Towson University. I knew Jake’s roommate prior to college, and he had friends that lived a few doors down from me. We all ended up hanging out and were pretty inseparable since!

Our first date was very simple (we were poor freshman in college lol). If I remember correctly, our first date was at one of the dining halls, then going for a walk around campus. It wasn’t much, but it was perfect for us.

We were sitting on our roof deck during quarantine enjoying the May weather. I had been working during the day, and when I came home, he asked if I wanted to have a drink and play board games on the roof. We were playing Yahtzee, and somehow I won the game with 3 Yahtzees! Jake told me that winners had to clean up, and knowing he was a sore loser at times I thought nothing of it. When I went to put the dice away I saw the ring box sitting inside the Yahtzee box!

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