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I have come to expect winter rain in DC, but it hurts EXTRA when the rain is coming ON Christmas and Christmas Eve. It would have been SNOW!!! I digress. Trying to focus on the positives here: wrapping up work, getting some time off, all our gifts are wrapped!!, cookies baked, and just have some perogies to make. We also opted again to do take-out for Christmas Dinner (from St. Anselm this time — cannot waittttt). So as always, trying to focus on the positives!

Here’s a lovely engagement session for you!

Ryan was waiting tables at the Lightwell, a restaurant in Orange, when Morgan walked in to meet a friend. Morgan caught his eye, and they hit it off! They chatted whenever he had the chance and at the end, he wrote her a note and his phone number on her receipt! She thought he was kind, so she reached out and they’ve been talking ever since.

One of our first dates was at Lewis Ginter, so when we made the plan to go there on a Sunday afternoon in March, Ryan knew the time was right. We wandered the gardens and found a cute little gazebo that we’d never noticed before (even though we’d been multiple times), so we took a few minutes to sit and relax. We sat for a few minutes in silence before Ryan asked how happy I was on a scale of 1-10. I told him I was about an 8, and he asked if I was ready to spend forever with him. I answered in a very happy sigh, close to tears with, “yeah”. He asked again how happy I was, and I said I was at an 11! 

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