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Moving right along through another week. Conrad will be TWO in a month and we’re counting the days until we can go get COVID tested, take a long car ride up to Vermont to visit my parents, escape the city for a little, get some rest & relaxation on the lake, and celebrate ONE birthday not completely in quarantine. I’ll admit that all the re-openings feel insanely too fast for me (we biked past a restaurant on K street last weekend and it was MOBBED, no masks, no social distancing) and I am still holding anxiety (and honestly frustration) about it all. It seems the absolute best things you can still do is stay home and if you go out, wear a damn mask!

Speaking of, with my Wedding Business basically at negative income, I think I am going to try my hand at selling some Masks (with donating proceeds to a good cause of course!). More to come here :)

So let’s get to this adorable surprise proposal (because yes, LOVE is still happening and proposals are still happening – my coworker got engaged over the weekend!!)

Colin and I met at JMU. We both played Ultimate frisbee and became friends. Over time we grew closer and we went on a lunch date at one of the on-campus dining halls, the Student Success Center. We laughed the entire time and have been inseparable ever since.

I knew Colin was the one when I realized he was the only person I had ever met that can genuinely catch me off guard and make me laugh. There is never a boring moment. I had this realization when we were walking together on campus from lunch at dukes to our classes.  I knew Savanna was the one when she went away for the summer to study abroad in Brunei. It was so hard being away from each other with limited communication, even though our relationship was new. From then I knew I wanted to be together every day.

Colin proposed to me on the quad at JMU. He had my friends in on it to act as if we were doing a Galentine’s Day photo shoot with Sydney.  He walked up behind me, tapped me on the shoulder, and he got down on one knee. I was SO SURPRISED, which is ironic because I never thought Colin would actually be able to surprise me when he proposed. I thought he was still in Texas (we were long distance at the time) playing video games with his friends when he popped up.


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