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Kara prepped this post for me last Wednesday. *Facepalm*. Just got to be honest with you all. Last week started out with an entry in our daycare app: “MEDICAL! Conrad vomited – come pick up” … and it was pretty much all downhill from there. We luckily got him a dr appointment that afternoon & the pediatrician said it was likely viral (a 5-day fever was going around) or potentially an ear infection … you enough, exactly what you want to hear the day before your partner is leaving for a work trip for 6 days. Luckily for me, my day job offers a back-up care service, so we had a nanny come to care for him Tuesday – Thursday. It was indeed the five-day fever, so he was back to himself 100% by Thursday night and then my parents came to DC to help me over the weekend.

Luckily again we had some nice weather so we got to get some walks and playground time in, but I can’t lie that this winter has been depresssssing! I don’t want 50 degree weather in February (our daffodils are coming up!) in DC, I want some SNOW. And nothing is worse than cold rain, which it looks like we’re going to have for another few days. So enough from me complaining about my sick kids & the gross weather, let’s dive into a gorgeous Woodend wedding!

From the photographer: Megan & Lee are huge theatre buffs, having met in the theatre, and that’s actually where the proposal happened: during curtain call of a performance of Neil Gaiman’s, Neverwhere, a show they were both working on at the time.

Similarly, their wedding was big on spectacle and nerdery and adventure: from their ring bearer in the form of a stuffed mole driven in on a remote control car {yes, really!} to the signpost directing the guests to places like Narnia and Hogwarts. They chose the Woodend Audubon Sanctuary because it looks like it’s enchanted and it felt true to who they are as people.

Megan’s parents walked her down the aisle as she carried a sword in place of a bouquet, and her brother officiated the ceremony. Their ceremony was full of readings and blessings, outpourings of love from their friends and families.

The decor was full on Megan & Lee, with almost every piece being loving handmade by either them or a loved ones. Each centerpiece represented a famous tree from literature including the Clock Tree from The Magicians, an Ent from Lord of the Rings, and a Weirwood from A Song of Ice and Fire.


Photographer: You Are Raven | Venue: Woodend Sanctuary

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