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It’s been a less than relaxing past few days. Andy got sick last Thursday and we had planned to drive up to NJ to see my family & visit the Easter Bunny with all the cousins … I was nervous about having the bug (or Evie/I getting it in NJ) but we took the chance, left Andy in DC and carpooled up to NJ with my sister and her fiance. My sister drove so I could sleep (because Evie was apparently on another round of sleep striking), and had a fairly successful weekend (we saw the bunny! we got new light-up shoes … well Evie, not me, good time with family), minus the rest and then Sunday afternoon I started to go downhill. Fast. By Sunday night, I had Andy’s bug and spent all day yesterday on the couch.

So, as usual, my weekend/this week took a turn and my planned schedule is already off. Trying to get things back on track with today’s DC Anniversary session, volunteering with N Street Village’s Gala tomorrow, and looking forward to volunteering with Once Upon a Gown this weekend. It’s going to be busy … so let’s see if we can do it!

It’s cold again but these springtime/summer pictures down on the Mall make me long for bike rides and picnis like ASAP!

The best thing about being married/together.: Waking up and falling asleep next to him every day.

The hardest thing to learn after getting married/being together.: Honestly, nothing.

Any advice to couples that are getting married/in new relationships: Don’t worry over the small things! Enjoy all  your time together!

Our biggest regret from our wedding day: Not smashing the whole second layer of cake in his face! (Although he’d say not smashing it in mine!! :p)

If we got married all over, we would have done __ differently: Nothing, the day was completely perfect.  I would never change a minute of it.


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