Well, I am officially a week or so past my half way point on my maternity leave and I can say, this one was nothing like my first. Maybe because Conrad has been a bit more of a challenging baby (hello reflux), maybe because my body certainly didn’t bounce back as fast as it did after Evie, (hello second kid & being older), or maybe because kid two is hard because YOU ALSO HAVE ANOTHER KID ALWAYS AROUND. We’ve been slowly getting into more of a routine with Conrad’s naps (for now anyway) and I am hoping I can slowly get back to more blogging first. I am not going to promise I’ll even touch the other goals on my maternity leave goal list at this point…

I think this leave has been challenging for me, because I had a hard time accepting that some days I just wasn’t going to get anything done, and that that is OK. I am a do-er, we all know this. As type-A as they come, I always feel better DOING things. Well sometimes doing things isn’t always in the cards when you are on maternity leave, especially with a colic-y infant. Things aren’t made easier by the fact that Evie is still on the aftercare waitlist at school, so I’ve been picking her up at 3:15 during the week (the time I was using to nap, previously).

So, while I haven’t made a dent at all in my maternity leave goals list (though I did get new apparel up in the CapRoShop! Giveaway coming soon to celebrate!), I am learning how to do a whole list of other things, like accept help when offered, take time to JUST CHILL, and recognize that caring for an infant IS doing something (and an important something at that). I also realize that I have a long way to go with accepting this new phase in my life. The transition hasn’t been as smooth, but that is OK and every day seems to get a little better.

Anyway, I just wanted to share a little update from me on things and a wishful hope that I will at least get back to blogging sometime very soon. Fingers and toes crossed! As always, thank you all for your patience & support.


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