Images: Jasmine White Photography

Rest wasn’t exactly in the weekend playbook, at least as far as Evie was concerned. Friday was packed with venue walkthroughs (May weddings are just around the corner!!), and Saturday was spent in a no-sleep zombie haze. We got a few things done around the house, but mostly hung around as I head into another week (and upcoming weekend) of single parenting with Andy headed to SXSW. Ah, I’ll sleep again some day right …. RIGHT!? On another note, we have a cute little Virginia Tech engagement session on the blog today. So let’s kick off another week with LOVE, shall we?

Mike and Kate met in Blacksburg in 2013. They initially met online and had their first date at the Au Bon Pan on the Virginia Tech campus, where they each drank multiple cups of tea and chatted for hours.

In the summer of 2016, they planned a two-week trip to Europe. Mike proposed in the small town of Bacharach, Germany, on a hill overlooking the Rhine River.

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