Disco dancing, shimmering gold & black linens, a SURPRISE Gospel Choir, and so. much. more ~ Kelsey & Phil’s wedding was one for the #CapRoWedding history books and the best way to kick off 2017. I am already gearing up for wedding #2 (crazy! February!), but I wanted to share Kelsey’s last guest post today, as a bride-to-be. Looking forward to getting the pictures back from the Happy Couple from their big day.

Party Time – Insight into The Bridal Shower & Bachelorette Party | By Kelsey

The wedding you’re planning seems to be the only thing on your mind. Between escort cards and first look details you think nothing else matters, until your best friend texts you and asks what you want to do for your bachelorette party and then your mom calls and asks for your available dates for a bridal shower. You’re all…

Here’s the thing about these two parties. They’re going to happen. No matter how busy you are or if you don’t even want one, they’re going to get planned, and you’re going to need to show up. So you should get involved.

My biggest suggestion: tell the person in charge of planning what you want and perhaps more importantly, what you don’t want. Do you want triangle sandwiches and tea or do you want penis straws and bling-shaped shot glasses that are also light up rings. Something in between? Well, then tell them.

For me, I told my mom and sister that I wanted lunch or brunch with an activity for my shower. I fear silence in a social setting, and when you start mixing families and friend groups, I wanted to make sure there were conversation topics ready. These wonderful women delivered. A wine tasting lunch with one game, a photo slideshow on a loop, and presents. It was just what I wanted.

Now for the bachelorette, I wanted to make this the least expensive party ever for my girlfriends. I did not expect them to fly to Sonoma and pay for a hotel, meals, and more. I also didn’t want…

So I told my bffs I wanted a sleepover. Pjs, prosecco, and games. And that is just what they delivered. They decorated in pink and gold and had everything taken care of when I walked in.

Trust me, four weeks before I’m married, it was the most wonderful thing to walk into a fully thought out party and everyone is ready to love you. It’s kind of the best thing ever and even though I didn’t want a bachelorette party, it was perfect.

Let your friends and family love you during this amazing and stressful time. You deserve it.

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