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Images: Mathy Shoots People via Two Bright Lights

If you see me today, I am probably mainlining coffee & attempt to soothe my busted feet as I worked a wedding yesterday and didn’t have the Sunday to rest (and stretch and sleep) it off before heading back to the day job. Luckily, despite the rain (seriously, WTF with this rain?!!??!), we had a pretty good week. Full of play dates, movie nights, Netflix, and Alyson & Joe’s beautiful wedding at JBPC yesterday. Almost good enough to forget the horrid stretch of 5am wake-ups Evie has been in. Almost.

For today we have a DC anniversary session!! A travel-happy couple that loves to get pictures taken in the cities they visit (uh, how cool!). Thou & Preston happily shared some marriage & wedding planning advice and I know you guys are going to love the images. Happy Monday Romancers.

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The best thing about being married is getting to come home to your best friend. I get to spend the rest of my life with my favorite person.

The hardest to learn was how to deal with the in-laws. Luckily moving half way across the country solved that problem:)

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Our advice is that there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. Communication and compromising is important. We put each other first. Everyone else and work comes after.

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(Thou also does photography and brought along her Hassleblad for some great photos! )

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Our biggest wedding planning regret was not having a smaller wedding. I would rather have a smaller, intimate wedding party than something big. We would have done the wedding party size and hired a different photographer if we got married all over again.

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