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Images: Red October Photography

Ok I know the blizzard was overkill, but I was a little disappointed this week when DC only got cold rain instead of a small amount of snow. I think I’d take one more decent snow dump before the winter season is through, just me? Well in case you’d rather reminisce through pictures and not REAL snow, I have an adorable anniversary session for you today (with some rather frank and hilarious marriage & wedding planning advice from the couple featured).

The photographer shares, “Uzair and Kaire are coming up on their second anniversary and last year we did the shoot in the Spring, so this year wanted to take advantage of a different season. We had so much fun not being rushed or limited to time and just walking around empty streets of Alexandria.”

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The best thing about being married/together:

Burping and farting with no consequences. (Uzair) To always have your partner in crime next to me, he supports me but also brings me down to earth when I have my crazy moments. (Kaire)

The hardest thing to learn after getting married/being together:

Finding tampons in my glove compartment with a Britney Spears cd, explain that to your single friends. (Uzair). The beginning of living together, have to get used to the habits I was unaware of before :D Socks all over the place etc. (Kaire)

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Any advice to couples that are getting married/in new relationships:

When he/she is the one, fight for it, with your life . You will know this when you see yourself phasing your friends out and family . That ” oh she’s always with him” or ” man I wish he was here but he has a gf”. This is a sign that you are moving forward and they’re not . Remember, UNDERSTANDING between you and your spouse/gf is the key. As long as you know that you are good for each other, no one can change that perspective. (Uzair) I think Uzair gave a good one :) (Kaire)

Our biggest regret from our wedding day:

The hangover and the high was real. (Uzair) Since we haven had a huge wedding yet, I can’t say we have any. I wish Uzair had not shaved his beard for the Courthouse wedding :D (Kaire)

If we got married all over, we would have done ____ differently:

So far we have been married twice : in court and in a mosque. It’s safe to say that we both agree on a destination wedding, maybe on a vineyard in Spain (Uzair). Have a bigger party! (Kaire)

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