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This weather is SO unmotivating!! We had a great (and pretty relaxing) weekend here in DC as my parents came to visit and hang with Evie just before her big F-I-R-S-T birthday tomorrow. We ate great food, watched Harry Potter 1 & 2 and otherwise just caught up on some great family time. This weekend I’ll be in crazy “make all the things” and “prep the house” for Evie’ first birthday bash the following weekend. But for today we have a darling Washington DC anniversary session.

I know I’ve said this before, but for some reason I NEVER got anniversary submissions and I really wish I got more. One because of the images, but two (and mainly) because I love the insight and marriage advice from the couple; two things I’d love to share more of on this blog as wedding blogs tend to focus way-too-much on just the wedding day (and the pricey details) and not the whole relationship and marriage part.

Dominique & Nadia have some great advice to share and their gorgeous images by Vanessa Smith clearly show how in love they are, two years after their wedding day. Happy Monday all!

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How did you two meet, how he popped the question, and where did you get married?

How we met: I moved to Cleveland, OH after undergrad at the University of Florida. I started hanging out with a sorority sister that went to Kent State University. She introduced me to Dominique since they both went to school together. We went on our first date at a sushi place in Strongsville, OH and spent everyday together after that. 3 months later I had to leave for my next position with my company to the DC area. He spent the next 3 years driving to see me in DC, Indiana and Philly until we got married in 2014.

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How he proposed:

We went on a cruise to the Caribbean for my 25th birthday, he pretended to lose his phone at one of those deck parties that the ship throws at night. Next thing I know, they call him up on stage to claim his phone, they gave him the mic to say where he was from, and then all of a sudden he says “I just want to give shoutout to my beautiful girlfriend, Nadia” (then I proceeded to smile embarrassingly and walk up to stage). Then he says “I just want to let her know , that I want to spend the rest of my life ” (at this point, the ENTIRE ship gasps out loud). Then he pulls out a ring out of his pocket (and it started making sense why he was acting so weird the whole night). First thing out my mouth was “you are kidding me!” …then I said “yes”.

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The best thing about being married & the hardest thing about being married:

Having a partner to grow with and experience life together. I cant imagine my life without him…it would be like losing a limb at this point.

Hardest thing is realizing that I cant change him, I can only change how I react to him. Loving Dominique is a choice, and my goal is to make that choice everyday.

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Any advice to couples that are getting married?

My advice to newly weds or newly engaged: Be transparent. You’re partner is not a mind reader. Be comfortable telling each other what you do and don’t like. Be comfortable accepting feedback and making an effort to adjust.

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Your biggest regret from your wedding day? Or anything you would have done differently?

No regrets. Everything happens for a reason, and those experiences made me the woman I am today. I would have relaxed more and been less worried about small details.

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