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We’re back today with a follow-on, update post to Laura’s raw, personal account of still living with someone you’ve broken up with and the 3 things she learned from going through it. I can’t thank her enough for being so awesome and letting us re-share her story here. I hope posts like this are helpful to my readers that aren’t yet in the engagement or wedding planning stage of their lives. And I’d like to continually remind you all out there that if you have your own experience, whether it’s about being single & reading wedding blogs, or struggles with a relationship, or success stories of wedding planning or really ANYTHING along those lines, I’d love to share it here. There is sooooo much more that goes into a healthy, committed relationship, above the wedding that, that I’d really like to share more about that end of things too! But back to Laura for today :)

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Follow-Up | By Laura with The Sobriety Collective

It’s almost been two months since I wrote my heart’s contents.   I’ve had, and god, it sounds so cliché, but a roller-coaster of emotional ups and downs.  Crying, oh the crying.  And then happy days.  And then some that were definitely in between, sort of a bittersweet seesaw.  We moved out of our shared place and helped each other into our new spaces.  We’ve talked every day; seen each other a few times.  I wish there was a(n ironic) listicle for this kind of a relationship; Top Ten Ways to Navigate a Romantic Relationship Turned Friendship Without Having to Buy Stock in Ben & Jerry’s and Netflix.  That kind of thing.  Because I feel like a pioneer, at least in my own life.  I’ve never had a breakup go this, well, WELL.  There is no hatred or resentment; no slung insults or screaming matches.  We still care deeply about each other.  But we’re learning new boundaries now.  How to stay friends while respecting a) our past relationship, b) our future relationships, and c) ourselves.

It’s not easy.  But it’s so totally worth it.

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