Our guest blogger Carolyn is back again, taking her DIY frame serving trays and making them into their final, wedding centerpieces. They came out SO SO good, incorporating both her DIY project and the floral stylings of EightTreetStreet. Check it all out below:

DIY Wedding Centerpieces | By: Carolyn Thomb

For Jon & I’s wedding I knew I didn’t want a cookie-cutter setting for the reception and that for the most part I wanted a different centerpiece for each table. I thought this would add to the over-all feel of the wedding that I was going for, slightly eclectic and vintage-y with some modern pieces added.


So with this in mind I got together with Maribel, of EightTreeStreet and our floral stylist, to come up with some great centerpiece options created with some of the pieces I have collected or made for the wedding. It was such a fun day and she truly amazes me everytime I work with her because of how effortless it is for her to grab some flowers and create a beautiful masterpiece.

This is the formula a created for us to stick to as a guideline for us as well as any other brides looking to do this without help.

Step 1. Use a Tray (like our DIY Frame Serving Tray tutorial) or just a piece of tile, which can be bought from Home Depot for a fairly low price.

DIY wedding centerpieces

Step 2. Use any of the following (choose 1-3) items:

  • large vase
  • candle stick
  • votive glass
  • wine glass
  • small jar
  • tumbler
  • mason jar, etc…


Step 3. Use any of the following (choose 1-3)

  • tall tapered candle
  • flowers
  • crystals
  • tea lights
  • greenery


Add them together and you get a simple, but beautiful DIY centerpiece for Reception or Cocktail Hour


We did 5 examples of all different sizes. As you will see we didn’t stick to the formula verbatim, and chose a few more things than needed. So the key is to use this as a baseline and then make it your own! Here are our combinations:

Centerpiece 1 (Small) : 1 tile + small vase & 2 small votive glasses + flowers & greenery

Centerpiece 2 (Medium) : 3 tiles+ candle stick, martini glass, tumbler, small votive glass & compote + stones/crystals, flowers, tall tapered candle & tea lights

Centerpiece 3 (Large) : Tray + large vase, candle stick, champagne glass & short vase + flowers & tall tapered candle

Centerpiece 4 (Large) : Tray + large vase & small votive glasses + tea lights & flowers

Centerpiece 5 (Medium) : Tray + short vase + flowers & greenery

And some action shots of putting the florals together:

IMG_2829centerpiece1 IMG_2862centerpiece 1 IMG_2896centerpiece 3 IMG_2834centerpiece 1

I am so excited to see all of this come to life at the actual reception! It is quickly approaching! Stay tuned for more Wedding news coming soon!

Big Thanks to Maribel of EightTreeStreet for all of her help!


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