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Images: B.O.B. Photography via Two Bright Lights

How are we doing Romancers? Did you survive Jonas? Or are you like me, still attempting to survive? While I LOVE snow, this one has been a challenge with Evie at home and Andy away. I’m feeling ALL of the Cabin Fever feels and attempting to stay positive that Andy’s flight is actually allowed into Reagan tonight. In the meantime, I’ll try and continue to keep myself busy and not think about the fact that I’ve barely left my house since Thursday. Here’s a gorgeous love story, couple & their engagement pictures in Baltimore City to help get you through your work-from-home Monday.

Cherry_Eubanks_BOB_Photography_2B9A4806X3_lowbaltimore city engagement pictures

Elliot and I met 10 years ago via friends who were actually trying to set each of us up with other people! We are a bit of a Ying & Yang – I’m from Baltimore, He’s from Pittsburgh. I’m art & design focused and he’s an engineer by trade. I’m a feminist who enjoys her political debates with a glass of wine, and he can school any NFL coach on their defensive strategy – all while giving bourbon advise. He’s a neat freak, and I’m a clutter queen. On paper we probably don’t make sense, but together in real life we’re very complimentary to each other.

Cherry_Eubanks_BOB_Photography_2B9A4907X3_lowbaltimore city engagement pictures 2016-01-25_0001baltimore city engagement pictures

I picked the engagement pictures locations based on our experiences together at that location, and my love of public art. The Patterson Park Pagoda was where we would go for walks when we first started dating…so that location was near and dear to both of us, and I have admired the Baltimore Love Project for years and wanted to include that in our story.

Cherry_Eubanks_BOB_Photography_2B9A5081X3_lowbaltimore city engagement pictures

Elliot proposed the very same day we bought our first home together, so this past year has been quite a whirlwind of new home ownership, a million questions from family & friends, and the dreaded wedding planning. So I guess the thing I most looked forward to for our engagement session was spending an afternoon with him, and just being close to each other as we created an expression of our love.

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