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Happy Monday Romancers. We’re couch surfing today as I have the day off from the day-job, trying to catch up on some relaxing after a whirlwind weekend of TRAVEL. We were in NJ Thursday to Saturday. Connecticut for the day on Saturday and then the long drive back to DC yesterday. HELLOW CAR RIDES. It’ll be nice to have the “short” work week but Andy leaves me Wednesday for a little less than a week to go work Sundance Film Festival. Let’s not even talk about how jealous I am that he’s headed to Sundance!! For today just a light wedding music that doesn’t suck post (it’s been FOREVER since I did one of these! eep!).

We’ve got Ivan & Alyosha’s “Easy to Love” – a perfect little indie rock song that would make a gorgeous first dance song, or ceremony music option. Have a great week Romancers!

The sky turns black
We know it will from time to time
And we’ve been through that
And we came out on top because
You’re really easy to love

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