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Yesterday I launched a new series, documenting my journey & experiences as a Momprenuer and I am excited to announce another facet of it – featuring OTHER Momprenuers in the DC area. I figure no one just wants to hear about ME all the time, so I thought it might be fun to share some stories of other Moms in the area that are killing it (or struggling or rocking or rolling) at home and with their small business. So for today’s post we have Rachel Maucieri, a lifestyle and fashion wedding photographer here in DC that only recently moved to the DC area. She’s going to share her story and some FAB pictures of a recent family shoot she did at Union Market. And then at the end she has a killer Anniversary Session she shot back in Texas before she moved here. Though it’s from Texas and not DC, it was just TOO COOL not to share. So deal with it. And Happy Friday ;)

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Hi! My name is Rachel Maucieri. I am a lifestyle + fashion wedding photographer here in DC. My husband and I have been here for almost a year now, so allow me to tell you a little about where I came from and what we were up to before landing in the district.

I met Phil Maucieri when I was in 8th grade through some metal friends at my church. We quickly became good friends and remained that way all the way through high school. We both went to the same small college in western Oklahoma and had some of the best times of our lives with some of the very best people in the world. The summer before our last year in Oklahoma we both went to Elizabethtown, KY for the summer to work at my dad’s church as summer student interns. Neither of us had feelings for the other at the start of the summer but it didn’t take long at all for the flirty humor and time together to kick in! We spent every day together and everything we loved about each other as friends magnified and new things to love began to pop out of nowhere all over the place!

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We returned to Oklahoma in August for the start of our last year at school and began officially dating once we got back into a normal rhythm and realized that our feelings were, in fact, true and not just “summer lovin’”. After we said tearful goodbyes to our friends and the flat land of western Oklahoma, we packed up and didn’t stay sad for too long because we knew we were starting a new chapter and that we were starting it together. We moved to Kentucky, made new friends, got new jobs, and continued our education. That next Thanksgiving, to my surprise, Phil planned a beautiful proposal and engagement party the night before the holiday. It was the best start to the holidays and 6 months laterwe were married in May!

We lived in beautiful little Elizabethtown for 3 years. We loved the windy country roads, the tall ears of corn in the summer, and the lightning bugs illuminating our back yard. We decided to move to Austin, TX and the week after we made that decision we found out we were pregnant! I was immediately terrified, excited, and even more terrified. I was moving away from my mom and we were changing locations as well as jobs. I had every right to be scared! But as always, with the life of a new beautiful baby, there were more reasons to be joyful and thankful than anything else!

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We moved to Austin when I was entering into my second trimester. We instantly feel in love with Austin and with the people we were meeting. As much as we loved Austin, we knew our time there was going to be temporary. After almost 2 years of living in and loving Austin we moved to Washington, DC.

Moving to DC has been our family’s biggest adventure yet. We had never moved somewhere that we didn’t know a single person. We had never lived in the northeast. We had never lived in the heart of a city. We had an 11 month old, Judeth, and I was 8 months pregnant with our son, Samuel. All of these things were huge life changes for us and they all happened in the dead of DC winter. We felt nervous, excited, and scared, but also content because we knew what we were doing was right and the next step for our family. We absolutely love this city, our lifestyle, and the wonderful community we have been submerged into in the last year. Our kids are now almost 2 and 9 months and they love each other so much. We love the way our family has been designed and are so thankful.

That is just a bit about me, my family, and our love story.


Sarah + Tyler | Images by Rachel Lynn Photography


While living in Texas I shot a lot of different types of shoots ranging from weddings, babies, families, and more. With all of those, my favorite style to shoot is lifestyle. I want to tell the stories of the people I am photographing and so often that happens in the home, where they are most comfortable and where most of their lives get lived.

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This one year anniversary lifestyle home session of Sarah and Tyler is one of my favorite photo sessions I have ever done. I was the Matron of Honor in their wedding in 2014 and also second shot it as much as possible. (The link to that is here http://www.rachellynphotography.com/blog/2015/9/10/sarah-tyler-dallas-wedding ) I loved getting to see how they have decorated their home, knowing that they are so creative and have the best style of anyone I know.

sarah&tyler-81 sarah&tyler-82

Tyler is an architect so just about every piece of furniture you see in these photos he designed and built. These two have loved each other for almost 2 decades and it has been an incredible joy of mine to watch that and to photograph them through their journey.


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