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Last weekend Andy & I drove up to NJ to visit my parents and see my mom in a local production of Annie. These NJ roadtrips always give Andy & I time to catch-up on all the tunes he has downloaded, that haven’t yet made it to my ipod ;) Brett Dennen’s most recent album, Smoke & Mirrors, was one of the albums we listened to and I was immediately taken with the first track, “Sweet Persuasion”.

My mind, as it always does, went right to a wedding reception. A sweet couple dancing to this upbeat, modern first dance song, singing the words to each other.

I know you got my number
And I know your spell I’m under
I won’t break this
I got something on you

You know me
And my weakness
And you know my little secret
Still I think that I got something on you

Please tell me that I’m not the only one that visualizes imaginary peoples’ weddings…

Happy Monday Romancers. We’ll be back this afternoon with a sweet engagement session (it’s Monday after all).

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