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A couple weeks ago I wrote a personal post on my current struggles with the direction of my business, the need to refocus and the need to better layout my goals and plans for 2016. The post was more of a spontaneous one, it wasn’t on my editorial calendar, and it wasn’t one I had planned to write. It just came to me as I was sitting on my couch (which I spend a lot of time on these days while home on Maternity leave).

Like most personal posts, the act of writing them is almost therapeutic. After it’s written (and I’ve proofread it once or twice) and I hit that little “publish” button, I almost always feel SO MUCH better. But what happens after is really why I love writing personal posts – the interactions and engagement that ensue! The post got more than 20 comments (which is a damn near miracle these days with the death of blog comments) and reached almost 6,000 on Facebook. It also got me MULTIPLE emails from all sorts of readers/friends/vendors and a shout-out at A Creative DC’s recent PROMO workshop. People responded with advice, similar feelings, praise, and offers of help!

Being a blogger can sometimes be a lonely job – you sit behind a laptop/computer/mobile screen, putting content out there, wondering if anyone is actually reading what you are writing. Sure my Google Analytics tells me I have over 4k pageviews a day, but WHO are these people? Do they really care about what I write? Find it useful/funny/etc? But then I write a personal post and the interactions and feedback pour in and it gives me ALL the feels. It reminds me that yes, there are LOTS of people out there, and they have similar thoughts and similar struggles to me and I really am not just a faceless blogger with no connection to my readers.

And so I LOVE writing personal posts and because of that, I have already started a new goal for the blog – 1 personal post a month. It’s on the editorial calendar, and it’s official. I can’t wait to see where this takes me and I cannot wait for all the interactions (good and maybe even bad) that will come from it. Until then, Happy Thursday Romancers.

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  1. YAY! Looking forward to seeing more from you. I’m trying to do the same with my own blog – 1 or 2 times a month – and hope that it gets me back to the habit of writing regularly like I used to before “life happened”.

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