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Our real bride-to-be guest blogger, Carolyn is back today for another post on her journey to the altar! This time she’s talking about her process for picking her “wedding personality” or the type of wedding style (click if you missed her other posts on her engagement party advice or finding the perfect DC area wedding venue). Picking a theme or vibe for your wedding can be kind of tough – especially with the all too real “Pinterest overload” happening these days. There’s modern, vintage, rustic, steampunk, alternative …and SO many more – plus themes, designs, and patterns … the list goes on. So if you are feeling slightly overwhelmed with this decision, hopefully Carolyn’s experiences can help you pick the right one for you!

Choosing Personality of Your Wedding | By Carolyn Thombs

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Deciding what type of wedding you want can be an extremely difficult task. Especially if you are like me and love so many different things and have a varied personal style. Another piece added to the puzzle is making sure the wedding wasn’t just for me, but for my fiancé and I. I wanted to have a nice mix so he would love everything about the day just as much as me, since it kind of does involve both of us!

The elements that go into creating your wedding’s personality are: colors, feel/theme/style (modern, vintage, eclectic, rustic, etc…), and type (casual or formal). All of these aspects combine together to create an atmosphere representative of the bride and groom, grooms or brides!

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Now how do you go about deciding these things for your wedding? Magazines, Pinterest and perusing wedding blogs, like this amazing one! Yes there are certain “rules” professionals may have regarding putting these pieces together and yes these can be good guidelines simply because they are a fool proof way of having a beautiful wedding. But remember this is your wedding and if you want to do something or step out of the box, by golly do it! You want guests to say “oh this is totally Carolyn” or “this represents Jon and Carolyn perfectly!” It’s your wedding, style it in a way that you will always look back at and know that you had the wedding you dreamed of.

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Having the wedding of your dreams doesn’t have to be a million dollar affair, the little details are what make the event yours and there are always ways to cut costs without losing the personality of your wedding. This aspect is something I will delve into later.

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The best way to connect all these pieces is to start your own Pinterest board and see how all of the elements add up! Rip out magazine pages and create inspiration boards and then bounce these ideas off on your love and your family or whoever you trust!

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Stay tuned for the next article on my search for the Caterer!


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