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What a WEEKEND Romancers!! We brought Evie to her first Pride and had SO much fun at the 2nd round of #PopUpRomance (rercap coming next week). Despite the ridiculous heat (seriously), Andy & I went for our first post-baby run and holy COW are my legs sore. All in all, it was a great weekend and I’m trying to tackle getting organized for 2016 wedding inquiries and gearing up for Jenn & Will’s wedding this weekend.

For today we have Janay & Don’s gorgeous Virginia engagement pictures at the King Family Vineyard. Enjoy!

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How they met:

I am from a very friendly welcoming town. Everyone speaks to one another for the most part and it is a great open hearted community. I was having a great day at my job and a gentlemen came by with his head held down and a fast paced walk. As usual when a person walks by we greet them with a simple pleasantry – “Good Morning” or  “Have a nice day!”

All I remember is him lifting his head and the brim of his baseball cap revealing a very attractive man however, his response back was very subdued and a quick “Hey”. I thought well he doesn’t seem nice and he is totally not from around here.

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A few days later we ran into each other and struck up a conversation that later led to a date. It wasn’t until we were truly dating that he told me he could see in my eyes that I liked him and stepped out on a limb to find me again.

Even to this day, he can tell what I am thinking or how I feel by simple looking into my eyes. It’s almost not fair because he has a cheat sheet to my heart.

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The Proposal

We’ve always been an open couple and even agreed that maybe in a few years from now we would be ready to get hitched. Boy was I in for a surprise! It was a snowy day and we had a laundry list of chores to do. I stayed behind while he headed out to get work done on his truck. I was hoping to score new retro Jordan’s for my shoe fanatic boyfriend for Christmas online and it was taking forever. To both of our surprise I was able to actually get them!

When getting ready to head out he was still having work done on his truck and I needed to have my car serviced as well. He pleaded for me to go to the dealer versus coming to his mechanic at the time. All I needed was a simple oil change! I finally caved and went to the dealer. Flustered already as to why he would have me go 15 minutes away he asked me to run a few side errands for him as well. Reluctantly I went…

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When I finally got back to the house so we could have lunch and to meet back up I sure gave him an earful while walking into the house. I turned the corner to walk into the kitchen and there he was down on one knee. He had the most sincere and loving expression on his face. It caught me so off guard that I was rendered speechless! (That never happens!)

He later told me that when he woke up that morning he knew that was the day he wanted to propose and he didn’t want to wait another day or few years.

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