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A few months ago I got an email from a bride to be that is also a makeup artist & hair stylist in the area. She was super pumped to get married in Northern Virginia and wanted to see if I’d be interested in sharing her insight into wedding planning & DIY projects. Seeing as I feel like nothing beats first hand experiences for helping other couples, I jumped on it. So over the next year (Carolyn gets married next September) we will have Carolyn jumping in here and there with guest blogs about her wedding planning journey!

For our first post, we thought an introduction might make the most sense. So Romancers, meet Carolyn, our newest guest blogger and real bride to be, and her fiance, Jon. Take it away Carolyn!

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Jon and I’s love story is definitely a modern one. I decided to try out OkCupid because I wasn’t necessarily meeting guys that I wanted to date and just to find some cool guys to be friends with. I wasn’t on it very long before I saw Jon through one of the quick match sessions (if you have ever done OKCupid then you know what I am referring to). Something about him just caught my eye, even though his photo didn’t have the best lighting and his other photo had him with a blonde; who I assumed was his sister because who would post a picture of themselves with their ex while looking for someone new? As you can assume the blonde was not his sister, but at least that photo showed off his handsome face better than his other photo, which showed his rocker/metal side.

He messaged me first after I rated him and we chatted about music and movies for about two weeks before he finally asked me out on a date in person! We got dinner and saw the Avengers and got to walk around and chat for awhile because the original time we had planned on was sold out. It was definitely a long date, but it was so easy and fun. I definitely did most of the talking, but he was a great listener. Our first date was everything a first date should be and more.

By the end of our first date I knew this was something special and that my searching for my perfect man was over. By the second date I knew for sure! He made me pepperoni pizza and fed me raw pepperoni while cooking. I knew then that this was the man of my dreams!  We can be goofy and candid with each other and he happens to love the fact that I have some weird-ass laughs/voices that love to pop up every once in a while. So ever since then we have binged on many series on Netflix, eaten some delicious food, seen some amazing movies, traveled together and I have become accustomed to and even like some folk metal music out there and can identify certain bands at times and Jon just tolerates the music I listen to.

My family loves him and I love his family, I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect man to become my hubby! Looking forward to all the fun we are going to have planning our wedding! So stay tuned for updates on our journey through wedding planning, DIY projects and staying stress-free during a time notorious for becoming hair pulling, hectic and crazy.

Stay tuned for more guest posts as Carolyn continues to share her wedding planning journey!

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  1. I love these two. SO cute and My boy the viking deserves this. I cant wait to read more about your journey Carolyn.

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