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We’re kicking off the week with something extra awesome: Catalyst Wedding Magazine. A new print wedding magazine that is looking to shake up the print wedding magazine scene (OH THANK GOD) and bring to light some of the challenges that we’ve often addressed (bemoaned?) here at Capitol Romance.

Co-founder and co-editor Liz shares, “Catalyst Wedding Magazine is the first-ever print wedding magazine with a feminist consciousness and a mission to increase representation in wedding media and to engage in critical dialogue about wedding traditions. It brings race, gender, sexuality, class, bodies, and more into the conversations taking place in the wedding world, a huge industry that generally maintains some very traditional ideas about power.”

Increase representation. I love this. I love this so much because it’s SO needed in the wedding scene and it’s something that always struck me from DAY ONE when I entered into the Washington, DC wedding scene specifically. I was shocked when I started my own wedding planning in DC and then this blog (and sadly continue to find) such a one-note version of married couples & weddings in DC. But enough ranting from me, back to Catalyst Wedding Magazine.

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A little more on how the magazine got started, from Liz:

My partner at Catalyst, Carly, and I have both found a shortage of wedding resources that push back against the usual trappings of the industry.  We originally partnered as a wedding coordinator and photographer to plan a collaborative workshop for progressive wedding vendors in Richmond.  We had such an overwhelming response to our collective, nontraditional approach that  we decided there was no better way to reach a national (even global) community of progressive creatives than through a print magazine.

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So what now?! Well, creating a brand new magazine is far from easy or free and Catalyst Wedding Magazine could use your help to get its feet off the ground and get into stores all over the country. Need more convincing? Read this. Don’t need more convincing and just want to SIGN THE HELL UP?! Then go here: .

There’s just 6 days left to help Catalyst get funded! I already cannot wait to get my hands on the magazine once it comes out. I know you guys will too!

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