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Andy & I are currently in NYC celebrating a little “babymoon” as it’s one of our last free weekends before the newest member of our family arrives (so insane!). As I promised earlier, this blog will in no way, shape, or form become a “Mommy” blog and I have no intentions of it taking over my social media either, but a few weekends ago my family threw us a Harry Potter themed baby shower and well, the details and decorations were just WAYY too good not to blog! Seriously, we were blown away by everything from the adorable Harry Potter baby shower invitations, to the Honeydukes themed candy buffet, to “This Way to the Ministry of Magic” signs over the toilets and even FLOATING CANDLES. That’s right, my dad & sister’s boyfriend legit rigged up floating candles and it was incredible.

I’ll apologize in advance to the non-Potterheads here, regular posting will resume on Monday ;) Have a great weekend everyone!


This is how we were greeted upon walking up to the entrance to our shower! And then when we walked in …


Andy & I were in shock at the details! We spent a good 15 minutes just taking it all in :)


This was the amazing invitation they sent out, along with some Harry Potter trivia games for every seat. You can really see the floating candles in the back of this shot too – which I just LOVE! Everyone got a little golden snitch too:


Where the gifts were placed, were 2 robes (yes we wore them), along with a broomstick (yes Andy “flew” on it).


Click inside for SO MUCH MORE of our truly magical Harry Potter Baby Shower!

The “Honeydukes” candy & dessert buffet that my younger sister put together! Licorice wands, chocolate frogs, Bertie Botts & Harry Potter cupcakes!

DSC_0191 DSC_0190 DSC_0196 DSC_0213

And what Harry Potter party wouldn’t be complete without Butterbeer?!


The games & activities were so awesome too! An Owl-themed “Whooo did it?” where guests had to guess which story was about me or Andy (the one that most stumped our guests was “Whoo watched Cinderella on repeat?”), a “decorate a onesie” station, and my favorite, The Sorting Hat, where guests were asked to guess what we were having – a little witch or a little wizard!

DSC_0195 DSC_0187 DSC_0188 DSC_0189

We also got a ton of Harry Potter themed baby gifts of course! Someone knitted us snitch booties (I don’t have a pic, but I will get one!), Harry Potter onesies, and this adorable Gryffindor scarf/hat set:


The long “banquet” tables gave a feeling of the Great Hall & the long tables had awesome candelabras and old books lining them:


I can truly say that I have the BEST family ever!! They totally Avada Kedavra’ed our Harry Potter Baby Shower and I really can’t thank them enough :) Here’s a shot of the whole group (my whole family) … and one last image that I just couldn’t help myself from including … Andy is going to kill me …




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