You all remember that amazing DC proposal video we shared a few months back, right? That perfectly executed video of his girlfriend watching a video of their love story, while driving her to the Capitol, where Caleb was waiting to propose? (If you don’t then seriously go watch it, but I warn you in advance, it will make you cry … ok now I am watching it again …. and crying … dammit!).

Well, in case not all of you are like Caleb, with that perfectly planned proposal (and access to resources he had) in place, I think you are really going to like today’s post and giveaway. Introducing….

The Say Yes Specialists – Consultants for Your Perfect Proposal


My girls, Ali & Danielle, are look for ANY one in the DC metro area that is looking to propose to their significant other – and just needs some help to make it extra special. And because they are just launching this awesome biz, they are giving their services away to one lucky planner for FREE!


A Washington, DC Proposal | Maria Linz Photography

I mean, who WOULDN’T want two awesome, free consultants to help them plan an amazing proposal to your soon to be fiance?

The bottom line: Ali and Danielle will plan and coordinate the proposal for free but any costs incurred (photographer, flowers, etc) would be picked up by the proposer. Their the Say Yes Specialists and they plan your personalized proposal so you can pop the question perfectly!

Want to learn more or possibly use their services? Then shoot them an email:


A Navy Memorial Proposal | Marcella Treybig

It’s really that easy! Just contact Ali & Danielle, The Say Yes Specialists, today and have your soon to be husband or wife looking like this:


A Surprise DC Proposal | Sandra Sitar

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