Rachel & Matt’s Surprise Proposal & DC Engagement Pictures

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  • October 22, 2013

For today we have an adorable surprise proposal – caught on film by Sandra Sitar Photography! A few months ago Sandra received an email from Matt, asking to book and engagement session. Sandra was a bit caught off guard after asking Matt when they got engaged and Matt responded that they weren’t actually engaged yet. But after 6 years of dating (mostly long distance), Matt was ready to ask Rachel to be his wife and he wanted Sandra to catch the proposal and then take some engagement pictures after. Well, of course Sandra said yes and now we get to share the surprise proposal and some adorable DC engagement pictures!

Rachel & Matt’s Surprise Proposal in Washington, DC

DC surprise proposal

Photography: Sandra Sitar Photography | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

The surprise proposal details, all from Matt:

“I came up with the idea a little over a year ago after Rachel and I realized that we would be living together in DC.  We spent almost all of our relationship as long distance, so finally living together was really significant to us.  The photos came from a photo album that Rachel had given me years ago, and that she updated with new pictures every time that she visited me.  By putting all the pictures up in the new apartment, I wanted to bring together all of our favorite memories with what we had been dreaming about for our future.


Pulling off the surprise was really complicated.  So much could have gone wrong, and I was incredibly lucky that nothing did.  I had the apartment complex secretly change our move in date to one day earlier, and convinced them to let a photographer pretend to be an employee of the building.  For the pictures, I bought out the Dollar Store’s supply of black picture frames and used 3M no-damage stickers to hang all the frames quickly.

DC surprise proposal

Finally, in order to make sure Rachel was dressed up, I had one of my best friends plan a fake fancy dinner for us to go to.  I was so nervous right before that I thought I was going to give it away, but thankfully everything came together so well that she didn’t figure it out.  I was just really happy that Rachel loved it and that she felt as special as I hoped it would make her feel.”

DC surprise proposal DC surprise proposal DC surprise proposal

Click inside for the rest of this surprise proposal in Washington, DC!

DC surprise proposal natty boy champagne flutes DC surprise proposal DC surprise proposal

Congratulations Rachel & Matt! A perfectly executed surprise proposal and beautiful DC engagement pictures thanks to Sandra Sitar Photography!

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