This post popped into my head a few weeks ago, when a certain company [website? business? brand? actually, I am not entirely sure what they are] released their “color of the year”. My social media accounts went insane with inspiration boards, images, retweets … all about a shade of green.

It was lost on me – do couples really pick a wedding color based on some website/brand/company’s decree that a shade is THE color of a year? And if they do … why?

I think this rolls back to the whole idea of trends and really how much I dislike anything to do with that word when it comes to weddings. This notion reminds me of a fantastic blog post that I read back in 2007 on Offbeat Bride, “Your Wedding is Not a Contest” AND of the awesome Abraham Lincoln quote, “Whatever you are, be a good one.

I hate the idea of trends because I feel that it causes couples to make decisions for their wedding based on something other than what they actually want, or outside of who they actually are. When I first started this blog, one of the first things I wrote down was that I wanted to find couples that wanted to plan a wedding that was true to their personalities. I wanted couples who want to have a wedding that was a union of their personalities, lives, souls, and everything they hold dear in life.

Personally, I don’t see how whatever trend some website/brand/business deems the end all and be all, fits into this notion. Personally I think couples should use WHATEVER elements/colors/themes they want in their wedding, regardless of how in or out it is. Whatever you are [or want in your wedding], be a good one [have them!].

Do you love mustaches? [good, because I do too] Then who cares that the wedding world deems the mustache trend so last year? If you love mustaches, and want mustache invitations or photobooth props … GO FOR IT.

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Do you plan to use Mason Jars in your wedding? Then ignore everyone in the industry rolling their eyes and saying “mason jars are so overdone” and USE THEM.

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Perhaps you have had your heart set on using grey and yellow as your color scheme. But, uh-oh, everyone is now saying that that color trend is tired, and neon is the new hotness? Again I say, who cares?! Have your yellow and grey wedding, and love every second of it.

The bottom line here is that you aren’t getting married for anyone but each other. You hopefully aren’t getting married for the purpose of setting a trend, and you hopefully aren’t getting married with the sole purpose of getting published on a blog. So please don’t get caught up in what’s trendy/happening/cool/overdone and instead have the wedding YOU want.

And for those of you that love and live by trends? Well I am sorry to say that you just won’t find them here.


  1. Tottttally agree. I hate the idea of “trendiness” in weddings – it’s not like a pair of shoes you’ll wear over and over. Industry folks can talk about mason jars (or whatever other arbitrary decoration) as being played-out, but a couple getting married hasn’t seen a million weddings with mason jars – they just like the idea. I hate when wedding professionals dog on couples for not being “creative” enough. Efffff that – weddings are hard enough without trying to be unique.

    Also, major jars are awesome. And gray and yellow – fab.

  2. I couldn’t agree more! I am a firm believer in who cares what’s in and whats’ out! If you like it + love it that is all that matters.

  3. Great article! Make your wedding exactly what you want and be yourself!

    I don’t regret anything about my wedding, but I do wish I had listened to my inner self a bit more than other people. That wildflower bouquet I wanted would have been awesome – despite how “casual and country” other people thought it would be.

  4. I was recently talking with an older friend of my fiance about the details of my wedding, and even though I’d already expressed to her we weren’t following the standard traditions she was bold faced shocked when I said I was going to wear cowboy boots under my dress, as were my bridesmaids, in honor of my Oklahoma born fiance who always wears boots but wouldn’t be that day because he’d be in his Navy uniform. She was so rudely disapproving, it made me second guess my decision.
    But afterwards, I kept thinking about it, and realized that everytime I picture me in my dress with my boots – I smile. What more could I want. I made me realize that no one’s opinion really matters other than mine – and my fiance’s of course.

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