1. Thanks for running this great giveaway!

    Liz and I are marrying each other on April 13, 2013. We’ve known each other for 18 years. We met through work and mutual friends. We’ve been together for seven years. I feel like she’s always been in my life. I can’t imagine my life without her. Liz grew up in the DC area and I’ve lived here since graduating from college in 1990. We both love DC and it’s a huge part of our lives. Because of our hard work on President Obama’s first campaign we were lucky enough to be invited to the inauguration. It was a great bonding day for us and in February 2011 (a freezing cold day) we took a walk on the Mall in front of the Capital and Liz asked me to marry her, right where we stood during the inauguration. I was so happy that I was crying and forgot to say yes. She had to ask me twice! We make each other laugh constantly. Our home and our lives are filled with music. We’re incorporating fun and our love of music into our wedding day. Our very tight wedding budget has meant that we’re doing lots of things ourselves. Luckily we have friends and family that have helped out with all of the projects. Unfortunately, our budget didn’t leave room for engagement photos. One of the greatest most amazing parts for us is that we’ll be able to be legally married in DC (even though it won’t be recognized in Virginia, where we live). Both of us wondered when we were younger, if that would ever be possible. We’d love to have engagement photos taken in DC to celebrate our relationship, marriage equality and our great city.

    Thanks! And Best wishes,

  2. Josue and I were engaged on Feb 3 of this year and have our date set for July 13! 5 months and 10 days to pull it all together :-)
    Josue was born and raised in Arlington/Fairfax (I moved here 7 years ago) so we’d love to have our photos reflect something local such as the cherry blossoms. Our budget is tight, so we were planning on skipping the engagement session, but how much fun would it be to win this contest!
    You can check out our website here: http://www.elizabeth-josue.com
    (those blossoms in the corner might be a foretelling!)

  3. I am so excited for this giveaway! My fiance, Travis, and I met as freshmen in college in the fall of 2007. We started dating not long after and got engaged in December. Travis totally blew me away with the proposal. I was not expected it at all! We were doing the long distance thing while I finished up grad school in PA, so I went to visit him on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, he took me on a surprise trip to the beach. I have vacationed at Assateague Island every summer since I was a kid, and Travis managed to make up a totally believable reason to take me there to propose. I didn’t see it coming at all. It was amazing. We are getting married on June 21, 2014 in Pittsburgh, but we love the DC area as my sister lives in Germantown and we spend a lot of time there! Because I am a substitute teacher and Travis just landed his first job, our budget did not have room for engagement photos, so this would be perfect! Both of us would be available on this day! Our wedding website is still a work in progress, but check it out here: tritschclemens.ourwedding.com

  4. We would be over the moon if we had the opportunity to do our engagement photos at the Cherry Blossoms as they are really special for my fiancé, Kyle, and I who are getting married at the Mount Vernon Inn this July. Kyle and I met in the fall of 2007 when we came to DC for graduate school by way of Kansas and California, respectively. As he tells our story, he notes that he was immediately smitten with me at first sight whereas I took more convincing since I was extremely focused on school and did not want to get sidetracked. However, we ended up running with the same group of classmates pretty often and slowly found our friendship blooming outside the group dynamic. When Kyle invited me to check out the cherry blossom in April 2008, we both realized that we were no longer just “hanging” out but actually on a date! Even though we did not declare it that day, we have joked about it many times since. As we got ready to meet that morning, we both knew there was something special about this time. Ever since that first “accidental” date, we have celebrated our anniversary by strolling along the cherry blossoms. We have even decided to incorporate them into the design on our wedding cake for this reason! As two government employees impacted by the sequester and struggling to prioritize wedding budget proirities, we would be thrilled to have the opportunity to capture this special season in our lives together with beautiful professional photos in the very spot where we first fell in love together. Of course we are available on Monday March 25 and appreciate that it would be on a weekday with less tourists in the background too :) You will find more of our story (including a photo from that first date!) on our wedding website at http://www.stoneandstearns.ourwedding.com. Thank you for this opportunity to enter! We are crossing our fingers!

  5. Okay here goes. When I met my fiance Mike (at a travel blogger convention) I was two months away from leaving on a round-the-world solo trip through Asia, Australia and Europe. He was about to leave to go teach English in China. Something immediately clicked though and before I knew it I was applying for a Chinese visa and changing flight tickets around. Throughout the first year I spent time in China and he traveled with me through Thailand and Vietnam. When his contract ended we went to South America for 7 months. Our round the world romance culminated in him proposing atop the Rocky Mountains last May.

    We spent a lot of time thinking about where in the world to have our wedding, and battered around some exotic ideas but finally decided on DC, my hometown and a city I love very much. We’re getting married on the National Mall September 14th. We don’t have a budget for engagement photos but it would be wonderful to win this and have some taken that highlight how beautiful DC is.

  6. Thank you all for the entries either here or by email, it’s been a pleasure hosting this giveaway and reading all about your engagement stories! After reading through 13 total entries, I chose Lila as our winner BUT there is a second email going out soon for a runner up winner as well :) And everyone will be notified one way or another tonight as well.

    Thanks Abby! Have wanted to do something around the Cherry Blossoms for 3 years now and finally get to have a mini vacation in DC and take some pictures too!

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