HAPPY FRIDAY! It’s been a weird week for me with the holiday & Inauguration on Monday, then two sick days/working from the couch, and then back in the office for the final two – it’s been simultaneously the fastest and longest week of my life.

Yes, I realize that is an extreme exaggeration. Deal with it ;)

For today’s Capitol Inspiration, wedding inspiration feature, we have a super offbeat and FUN 1930s inspired shoot, including props, period clothing, a real 1931 Ford Model A Coupe and some “Bonnie & Clyde’ inspired crime shots. These pictures are just WAY too much fun – and they all look like movie posters, it’s so cool! A special thanks to Two Tone Studios  & Two Bright Lights for making this feature possible!

An Offbeat, 1930s Inspired Engagement Session

From the photographers, Two Tone Studios:

Tim and Giscelle knew they didn’t want any normal engagement session, they wanted something alittle different. Something that will involve their interest in old movies, Love for the 1930?s and each other. After seeing some of my artwork from the Tales of Lungenburgh series, they knew right away that was what they wanted, and we went right into production mode – creating a story board, gathering props, scouting locations, renting period Clothing and a real 1931 Ford Model A coupe. The Day of the Shoot was a beautiful one, and we took full advantage and photographed into the evening as well.


Thanks so much to Two Tone Studios & Two Bright Lights for sharing this super fun & offbeat 1930s engagement session! Happy Friday everyone!!



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